30 March, Monday

Gifts for entering, a bonus stage in daily quests, and a special huge quest!

30 March, Monday

What is the new Heroine’s name and who will get her first?

27 March, Friday

Discounts on all abrasives, chests, talents, and Jackpots on the shelves!

23 March 2020

Blessed chests in daily quests!

20 March 2020

Prime Crystals and Blessed chests from Fanatic's stock

19 March 2020

Guess the Heroine's name and summon her to serve you!

18 March 2020

Plague Doctor reminds: the best prevention is adhering to medical advice!

18 March 2020

Another opportunity to finish the Fortunate Moment subset!

17 March 2020

New huge quest!

13 March 2020

30% off Golden Age in Gold

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