21 April, Friday

Up to 50% discount on the production and reforging of talents!

20 April, Thursday

Top lists for each Hero instead of absolute rating

17 April 2017

Liberation, Spatial Distortion talent and other pleasant rewards!

14 April 2017

Replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts + change names with 30% discount!

12 April 2017

Complete the quest chain and receive legendary crystals as and cosmic skin as a reward

10 April 2017

Approximate terms of seasons launch and the complete information about seasonal awards.

07 April 2017

Sale of heroes and skins!

30 March 2017

Two times more Talents and Football Skins

29 March 2017

Fixed Forest Wrath bug and rebalanced Hellblade

24 March 2017

The son of the Heroine and Demon, the former Executioner… Hellblade is in the game!

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