30 April, Thursday

Heroes’ labour is battle – and they are eager as always!

25 April 2015

Hot, dangerous, breath-taking!

17 April 2015

Adrea is jubilant! We have managed to gather enough Prime in such a short time!

14 April 2015

Changes to Golden Age and crystal purchase, bug fixes and more.

13 April 2015

Here we celebrate the creativity of Prime World players.

09 April 2015

New Mobilization starts in Praia — ignite the Spark within the crystal!

08 April 2015

Better talents in Talent Garden / Forge, hero sale and a new daily quest chain!

01 April 2015

Let’s celebrate the day of laughter!

01 April 2015

As dangerous as she is beautiful!

31 March 2015

A contest for the creative Lords and Ladies.

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