21 August 2015

Be the first to test the Desperado’s might!

20 August 2015
Price reduction, first win of the day bonuses, removal of green talents and much more.
18 August 2015

We begin acquainting you with the new hero! Clad in mystery still, he comes ever closer!

14 August 2015

Price reductions, faster progression, and more changes in Prime World soon!

07 August 2015
Important announcement about the future development of the game and a question round!
31 July 2015

Don't miss your chance to replenish your gold reserves!

30 July 2015

Our fearless victors and their dues.

27 July 2015

Meet the legendary talents — today and forever!

22 July 2015
Prove yourself on the battlefield and earn glory and great prizes!
21 July 2015
Once again Adrea needs our help! Help her and receive great rewards!

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