06 May, Friday

We reward the veterans of Praia!

06 May, Friday

A collector's skin and more!

29 April 2016

Receive gifts and enjoy the first heat together with your Heroes!

28 April 2016

Event in the Fair - fill up your collection with "Legends"!

26 April 2016

Winner of our Guide Match Event!

22 April 2016

Only for three days - replenish your gold reserves and receive gifts!

22 April 2016

Extended daily quests and an unique skin for the most persistent players!

21 April 2016
Today we want to introduce you one of the most skillfull players of the english community!
21 April 2016

Our game servers are online!

20 April 2016

Today we want to introduce you a player that some of you might already heard of!

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