18 April, Friday

Stand out from the crowd!

18 April, Friday

Bring justice to those who have wronged you with this new Cryo/Blizzard Skin.

17 April, Thursday

Spin the gears, raise the flags, patch 9.14.2 has been initiated.

11 April 2014

Falling from the sky, he's ready to dominate the land!

11 April 2014

Beat the heat and enjoy tripled drop rates this weekend!

09 April 2014

Major changes and awesome prizes make tournaments fun for everyone!

03 April 2014

Free Golden Age and more!

01 April 2014

Players may be effected by European DDOS attack.

01 April 2014

Pay attention or these new changes might just fly right by you!

31 March 2014

Prime World has left open beta!

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