15 December, Monday

3 days of discounts on heroes’ silver price and reforging talents!

12 December, Friday

We fixed the error in Prime awarding mechanic.

12 December, Friday

Additional talents for the first win of the day.

12 December, Friday

A new patch has been installed on our servers.

11 December 2014

Halfling sighting in Praia. Runefall expected!

10 December 2014

All skin prices permanently reduced by up to 70%

09 December 2014

Next week patch 10.0.3 will bring jungle rebalance and other improvements to Prime World.

08 December 2014

The Mobilization is finished!

08 December 2014

2x chance to produce purple and orange talents!

05 December 2014

We're reducing the price of unassigning purple and orange talents by almost 80% forever!

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