27 February, Friday

Twice the resource production and better talents in the castle!

25 February, Wednesday

Rewards for the best warriors of the past weekend.

25 February, Wednesday

Goblin attack at our server room has been repulsed.

24 February, Tuesday

New flag, discounts and gifts for the day of the Defender in Prime World.

20 February 2015

4 talents per crystal, as well as a hero and skin sale!

20 February 2015

The real Kings of the Lane, wicked sons of Prime.

19 February 2015

Let’s warm up for the end of winter.

13 February 2015

Offers and bonuses for our beloved players.

10 February 2015

Let’s celebrate the day of affection together!

06 February 2015

Only orange, purple and blue talents in the Talent Forge / Garden.

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