27 July, Monday

Meet the legendary talents — today and forever!

22 July 2015
Prove yourself on the battlefield and earn glory and great prizes!
21 July 2015
Once again Adrea needs our help! Help her and receive great rewards!
21 July 2015
Tournament system, new building – the Fair, – and changes in Borderlands.
17 July 2015

Create a memorable Prime World summer style and win a prize!

24 June 2015

Time to cast away the mundane and plunge into summer!

15 June 2015

Power system, deserter system improvements, changes in soldier behaviour and more

12 June 2015

Wandering Fair Quests and offers in the Castle!

05 June 2015

Details of announced features for 10.3

29 May 2015

Prizes for valiant warriors and a weekend sale

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