20 November, Tuesday

Greet chests with Birth of a Legend set talents inside at the Fair!

16 November, Friday

Heroes and skins twice cheaper than usual!

15 November, Thursday

For the first time ever - class talent upgrades for 2 Heroes at a time!

14 November, Wednesday

Do you feel the smell of gunpowder? Greet the new Hero - Cannoneer!

14 November 2018

New Hero, Heroes and talents rebalancing and more!

13 November 2018

Week of Legendmakers!

09 November 2018

Legendary Corruption and other juicy rewards in the new global quest!

09 November 2018

Discounts on upgrading and reforging talents, and presents for replenishing your Treasuries!

08 November 2018

We are continuing to tell you more about the new Hero!

08 November 2018

Incessant shooting and upgraded Self-Propelled Gun!

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