24 November, Tuesday

Compensation for the inconvenience during the matchmaking issues

19 November 2015
Servers are open! Twice as many rewards till the end of the month!
16 November 2015
We answer the most urgent questions about the 10.6 problems
13 November 2015

We present our new hero, tell you about the talent unbinding cost reduce and more!

12 November 2015

She can persist against hundreds of enemies but can she also persist against love?

12 November 2015

A new hero came to Praia!

06 November 2015

We round off the story and our contest as well.

02 November 2015

Rewards for our survey.

30 October 2015
Guess his name and be his Lord on release day!
29 October 2015
Rewards for winners of our last Community Tournament

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