20 September, Friday

And for the first time at the Fair — abrasives and catalysts!

18 September, Wednesday

Loads of rewards!

18 September, Wednesday

Chests with the Hero’s Serenity talents for the whole week at the Fair!

17 September, Tuesday

The Hero is already on his way to the Castle!

13 September 2019

Gifts for payment and only 6–7* talents in chests!

13 September 2019

Discounts on Slayers and a new quest chain!

11 September 2019

Chests with the Pirate Adventures talents inside for the whole week at the Fair!

06 September 2019

Discounts on Heroes, skins and unbinding talents!

05 September 2019

New event in the full-screen interface!

05 September 2019

Important announcement

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