17 December, Monday

For a whole week on the shelves!

14 December, Friday

More tangerines in rewards for fights and juicy prizes in daily quests!

14 December, Friday

Discount on upgrading talents, action at the Forge and presents for account replenishment!

13 December, Thursday

Smashing blow and good health!

12 December, Wednesday

Mystical sorceress is already on Praya’s border!

10 December 2018

3 talents inside the legendary chests instead of one!


06 December 2018

Pass all the challenges and receive tangerines, Crystals and White Runes!

06 December 2018

Heroes and skins twice cheaper than usual and talent unbinding discounts!

06 December 2018

Smashing blow and tenacious bushes!

05 December 2018

Dip into the New Year with the new action!

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