Fairy Queen

Картинка героя

Driven by the king’s ransom offered them, Dokht smugglers kidnapped the Adornian lady’s young pupil and hid with her in the Primezone. The best trackers returned empty-handed. The villains had vanished in the mists of the dangerous lands along the border.

Losing their way, the smugglers were themselves lost. The party wandered into the dwelling place of the winged Touched, named so by fairies in memory of the long-gone era of fairy tales. Though they were usually kind to all living creatures, the winged creatures suddenly went into a frenzy. Perhaps the fairies saw something unusual in the girl’s heart, something familiar. They ambushed the smugglers and chased them out of their territory, forcing them to release their helpless prisoner.

Realizing that she could never find her way home, the girl stayed with the fairies. The place where they lived was not troubled by Touched predators and was filled with plenty of sweet flower nectar, which the girl soon learned to love. Soon the girl realized that the silly fairies were unwittingly fulfilling the unspoken desires she had had since she was a child. The girl began to feel herself change: wings grew on her back, and she started to experience the strange powers of her flying friends.

One day, the girl heard the noise of a battle nearby. On the road to Fairy Valley, an Adornian party struggled with a huge Touched fungus creature. Suddenly, a familiar coat of arms appeared from the trees. The lady’s heroes had found the girl! The young girl called the fairies to her aid and joined the battle. She hung a spectral silhouette over the heroes’ heads, and the fairies surrounded them, creating a protective cocoon of “winged flowers.” Others flew at the monster, preventing him from crushing the heroes.

The heroes triumphed, but only thanks to the help of the girl and her fairies. After the festivities in her honor had concluded, the lasy listened attentively to the girl’s story. Soon, the Adornian lords learned how to create similar heroines, with the help of nectar from Prime flowers.



When the heroine inflicts or receives damage, her Speed is boosted for a couple of seconds.

Fairy Warriors

The heroine releases Fairy Warriors at the selected location who follow the cursor for a while. Enemies in the Fairies' path take damage every second for a short period. When used from Native Terrain, enemies take damage for an extended period of time. Once the upgrading Warrior's Fairy Dust talent has been learned, the heroine’s Cunning increases upon the return of the Fairy Warriors. The more enemies attacked by the Fairy Warriors, the longer the duration of the Warrior's Fairy Dust effect.

Fairy Guardians

The heroine releases Fairy Guardians at the selected location who follow the cursor for a while. Allies in the Fairies' path take reduced damage for a short while. When used from Native Terrain, the protective talent lasts a few seconds longer. Once the upgrading Guardian's Fairy Dust talent has been learned, the hero’s Health Regeneration increases for a while upon the return of the Fairy Guardians. The more allies protected by the Fairy Guardians, the longer the duration of the Guardian's Fairy Dust effect.


The fairy joins forces with the selected allied hero for a couple of seconds, dispelling any negative effects. While the Fairy remains with the hero, she is invulnerable and can only use talents and objects, and her class talents enhance her allies. Once the upgrading Suppression talent has been learned, the hero becomes able to use Fusion against enemy heroes, and her class talents have a negative effect on enemies under attack. Once the upgrading Alliance talent has been learned, the hero increases the attack of the target of Fusion if that target is an ally or decreases it if it is an enemy based on the value of the Fairy’s effective attack, taking into account the differences in Penetration, Attack Speed, and Critical Hit Chance between the hero and the target of Fusion.

Fairies' Rage

Fairies released by the hero deal instant damage to everyone in their immediate vicinity. Fairy Warriors deal physical damage, whereas the damage dealt by the Fairy Guardians is magical.


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