Картинка героя

One of the Keepers' young sorcerers was not like his fellow citizens. He tried to turn the primitive art of emotional magic into a system of pure knowledge.

Alas, the majority of the pre-Prime books of the occult were kept among the Imperium. Firm believers in accumulating information, the Imperium had painstakingly gathered the ancient wisdom. The Sorcerer abandoned his homeland, crossed the border, and settled in an obscure little town. The town's library contained books the Dokhts considered anti-scientific.

Passing himself off as a historian and archivist, the magician greedily drank in the forgotten knowledge. One day, among the dusty shelves he saw something strange, which he thought to be the Touched. But after analyzing the substance, the Sorcerer realized that it was a demon – a representative of a mysterious tribe that had inhabited Praia from the earliest ages. Combining the Keepers' magic with the information in the books, the Sorcerer decided to make the demon subject to his will. Unfortunately, the ritual and the enslaved demon's rage betrayed the magician to the shocked citizenry.

An infuriated crowd surrounded the home of the false scientist. He resisted, hurling balls of fire and sending his subservient creature after his enemies. The demon was nourished by the Sorcerer's life force. The magician quickly grew weak and, in the end, was seized by the enraged inhabitants. Nothing could stop the lynching – not the cries of the Imperium historians, not the mayor's orders. Suspicions arose that the mage was one of the Keepers, and the people sentenced him to a test. They threw the magician into a vat of Prime, judging that even a concentration like that would not be fatal to the Keepers. And if he did die, then he would have been proven to be a true Dokht, worthy of a posthumous acquittal.

The Sorcerer perished as the crowd watched, but he came back to life in a few hours, having turned into a hero. Returning to Adornia, he founded a magic order for those who seek the knowledge of the occult. The power of the ancient art, strengthened by Prime, and control over demons has allowed the order to compete as well as the Keepers' classical schools.


Enchanted Tome

Talents cannot be interrupted by moving or exceeding the distance to target.

Fire Flail

The hero creates a ball of fire and throws it at the enemy, dealing damage to the selected area, with extra damage dealt to enemies caught at the epicenter of the explosion. The Fire Flail also destroys trees. When used from Native Terrain, the area of effect increases. Once the upgrading Conflagration talent has been learned, enemies caught at the epicenter of the explosion will continue taking physical damage for several seconds.


The selected enemy temporarily transforms into a chicken and cannot attack or activate any talents. The enemy also moves more slowly and takes physical damage for several seconds. Once the Magical Force talent has been learned, damage dealt to the enemy during transformation increases, and the hero who kills the enemy in chicken form has some Health and Energy restored.

Energy Barrier

A small ring appears in the selected area for several seconds. Enemies who enter the ring for the first time will be stunned temporarily. Enemy's Health regeneration will also be slowed if they are caught within the barrier on Hero’s Native Terrain. Once the Tremors talent has been learned, enemy heroes caught within the barrier take physical damage.

Summon a Demon

The hero summons a mighty ally—a Demon. The more Strength the hero has, the stronger the attacks of the summoned creature. Once the Demon Blaze upgrading talent has been learned, all enemies near the Demon take damage from magical flames. When used from Native Terrain, the arrival of the Demon deals damage to all surrounding enemies.


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