Картинка героя

They say there are no better masters of fencing in Praia than the four-armed magicians of the sword, the nagas. But it's not only their physical features and talents that earn them victory: tenacity is their greatest virtue. It can cause even the most powerful opponent to capitulate.

In his youth, this future hero saw how aggressively a naga can fight, like a pack of wolves: one of the Dokht gamekeepers wanted to hunt down a snake-man, but failed miserably. The naga’s fantastic mastery of his swords amazed the boy, and he swore he would become a disciple of the blades. He trained extensively, and by his twentieth birthday he had become a skillful warrior. Desiring to prove himself, the young fighter headed for the woods of the nagas and challenged their best swordsman to a duel.

He lost. With great solemnity, the snake-men buried the brave man's slashed body, but he stubbornly returned, as a hero. Handing his Catalyst over to a lord, he negotiated rather unusual conditions of service. Then he returned to the nagas, desiring to cross swords with their champion. He fell in battle once again, but, being restored to life, he swore he would never stop trying until he was victorious.

The lord, who had to bring the fallen hero back from the dead time and again, once mentioned him at a highbrow dinner party. Lady Iness, who owned the Hall of Peace at the time, was at the reception. Considered the best in the kingdom at the art of resuscitation, she was stunned when she heard of swordsman's tenacity. She composed a special Song of Return for her fellow lord. The next time the hero died, he was reborn in the form of a naga, allowing him to gain his long-awaited victory.

This technique of transforming human heroes into nagas later became known to other skillful lords. A multitude of famous swordsmen resolved to change their form to become like Sesha so that they too could fight in the new war against the Imperium with four blades at once.


Snake's Speed

The hero has an increased chance of dodging enemy attacks.

Deadly Dash

The hero charges forward, dealing damage to any opponents he encounters. The hero's Strength is increased when this talent is used on Native Terrain. After the hero has studied the Venom Swelter talent, the attack that follows the throw will poison the enemy.

Insidious Poison

Each enemy who has suffered a successful attack feels the effects of poison, which reduces Cunning. The greater the hero's Will, the stronger the effect of the poison. After the hero has studied the Paralyzing Blows talent, any enemy poisoned several times has his Speed greatly decreased.

Thousand Blades

When counterattacking, the hero's next blow may strike all nearby enemies. After studying the Battle Trance talent, the hero increases his chance of dodging after using the Thousand Blades talent.

Hypnotic Taunt

The hero forces all nearby opponents to attack him for a short time. In addition, the hero's chance of dodging all enemy attacks increases for an even longer period of time. The range of this hypnosis increases when this talent is used on Native Terrain.

Enchanted Blades

Each of the hero's attacks deals additional magic damage and steals the opponent's Health.


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