Muse heroes are typically committed to a life of creativity from their birth, but this girl's story was quite different. When she was still young she ended up in the care of an influential lady, and everyone predicted that she would surpass her great patroness.

But her true potential was only discovered at the Academy of Lords during classes on the resurrection of heroes. Her excellent musical ear and talents on the violin allowed the girl to revive characters just as well as the lords, though other subjects (economics, management, politics) came to her only with great difficulty.

More than anything else, the girl feared that she would disappoint her patroness, but the lady could discern people well and knew that the Academy would be a prison for someone with such wonderful talent. She recommended that the girl train with one of her acquaintances, Muse.

The girl was not a hero, but she was captivated by her path. Her art with the bow was a dream come true, and the sounds she made with her strings echoed in her very soul. The thrill and excitement of free creativity encircled the girl in a sparkling carousel of delight, and she suddenly discovered her heroic talents. She was the first to discover her talents out of pure joy!

The lady blessed the young Muse and gave her a farewell gift: an elaborately carved cameo with a delicate dancing figure. But the heroine refused to wear such a touching gift and instead turned it into a part of herself, making it her Catalyst.

Muse had fulfilled her destiny. Now her fiddle would share her deepest feelings without interruption. When the war came to Adornia, the girl went to battle to help the other heroes. Where the enemy strikes at those defending their homeland Muse's music can strengthen her allies and wound her enemies.



The color of the notes around the heroine tell the player which talent should be used. When the specified talent is used, the character receives extra Prime and Inspiration, stacking up to many times and proportionally increasing the damage of the Muse’s magic melodies.

Battle Song

For a few seconds, the heroine causes magical damage to several nearby enemies. If this talent is used on Native Terrain, five enemies are affected instead. After learning Song of Silence, Battle Song also prevents the enemy from using talents for a short time.

Song of Triumph

The heroine temporarily increases the Strength or Intellect of nearby allied heroes, whichever of their characteristics is higher. After the heroine learns Slow Rhythm, the attacks of allies affected by Song of Triumph lower the enemy’s Speed for several seconds.

Song of Defense

When this talent is activated all nearby allied heroes receive a shield that absorbs some of the damage they receive. When used on Native Terrain the heroine also recovers a portion of her Health. After the heroine learns the Energy of Sound she recovers energy for each shield that survives for the talent's whole duration.

Magic Melody

The heroine summons a violin to the specified location for a few seconds, which creates a visible zone around itself and inflicts magic and physical damage on nearby enemies each second. The amount of damage caused by Magic Melody depends on the heroine's Cunning and her mastery of Inspiration. After the heroine learns Magic Violin the maximum range of Magic Melody is increased and, in addition, the summoned violin repeats the themes played by the heroine.


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