Swamp King


"So, what's the Swamp King like? I'll tell you about us... My twin brother and I lived together and studied magic. Successfully, too: we could make the whole of Adornia thunder! What? You haven't heard of us? You must be a tadpole from a different puddle. We come from the depths of the Angry Ocean itself!"

"What are you talking about, brother? Ribbit! You must understand, sometimes we try too hard to have a sense of humor—just like our mother taught us! Well, I'm the toad, and this here is my brother, the rider. Ribbit! One day I gave my brother some green tea spiked with Prime. But he switched drinks on me... And look at the results: all green and warty!"

"Don't interrupt! Things have worked out alright. Now we're heroes. Our old broken wands are our Catalyst. We were resurrected together. Perhaps our heroic duality is because of our twin... am I having trouble expressing myself? Anyway, not all is lost! We've been raised and we're a pair now... And so we fight. One of us leaps, while the other rides."

"By the way, these enemy heroes are tastier than flies! Well, one of us jumps around while the other swings his axe! And during battle, we might get something we need from an enemy… an ingredient... We've already come up with a ritual to get rid of this curse. Of course, we've got nothing to complain about now. But we'll still be heroes without this toad curse, so why not get rid of it? Ribbit!"



The hero's steed swallows a defeated enemy's body (after killing him with an auto-attack or the Smash! talent) in order to increase its maximum Health. Swallowing the opponent takes time, so this talent cannot be used more frequently than once per minute.

Get It!

The hero hurls his axe into an enemy. The attack is effective over large distances and can interrupt opponents who are powering up talents. This talent recharges more quickly on Native Terrain. After the hero learns the Got It? talent, the hatchet’s blow reduces the target's Stamina even more.


The frog shoots its sticky tongue out at its enemy, pulling him close. After the hero learns the Hold Tight! talent, the opponent will be stunned for a short time.


Squashing the enemy with an auto-attack or with the help of the Smash! talent, the hero recovers some Health. After learning the Chew Faster! talent, the hero recovers even more Health.


The hero leaps to the designated spot, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The higher the hero's maximum Health, the greater the damage. This talent's effective area increases on Native Terrain. If the hero learns Hop!, the Smash! talent will be immediately recharged if the jump kills some enemy soldiers and monsters or an enemy hero.


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