No one could challenge the rule of the mighty predator. The forest, full of wild game, clean rivers, and cool caves, was the young tiger’s domain.

But one day, strange people, smelling of hot iron, came from across the river, where the blue flags flapped in the breeze. A dart plunged the beast into a deep sleep. When he awoke, he tried to lunge and tear his enemies to pieces, but he was chained down.

They fed him bitter blue water, pricked his paws with needles, and took some blood samples. The once powerful tiger grew weaker every day. One day, he realized that his time had come. Whimpering and trembling, he crawled into the corner of his cage. Calming voices from people dressed in white robes filled the tiger’s ears, then blurred, then faded, then went silent. The beast was dead.

He came back to his senses, filled with an unknown power, awakened by his own horrendous roar. Leaping to his feet, he heard his chains snap. Someone was shouting, others were hurling various objects at him, but the tiger was unaffected. He grabbed the bars of his cage and tore them apart.

Nothing could stop him on his way to freedom. Only once he was in the cool forest again did he realize he was walking on two legs. His fingers were lengthened, and his center of gravity was shifted to straighten his back, but his head was swarming with unfamiliar, complicated thoughts.

Ever since, he has hunted the Dokhts. Whether he seeks revenge or is merely interested in their activities, it does not matter. Once, an Adornian lord helped him remove his collar, a hated reminder of his captivity. The broken steel yoke became Claw’s Catalyst. The former tiger now serves the lord, as much as a wild, freedom-loving animal can.


Blood Magic

The hero’s attacks inflict additional magic damage to targets whose Health has fallen below a certain point.

Lone Beast

If there are no allied heroes nearby, the hero’s attacks inflict additional magic damage. After the hero learns Mending Skin, his Health Regeneration increases, as well. The higher his Intellect, the greater the increase, and using this ability on Native Terrain will boost the increase even more.

Beast Howl

When active, this talent inflicts damage on all nearby enemies and reduces damage received from their attacks. After the hero learns Wild Beast, damage received from enemies affected by Beast Howl is reduced even further. The higher the hero’s Intellect, and the more enemies affected by Beast Howl, the lower the damage the hero receives.

Beast Scent

The hero can see enemy heroes on the map, even at a great distance, if their health drops below a certain point. When these enemies are displayed on the map, you can activate this talent to temporarily increase the hero’s Movement Speed. After the hero learns Steeped in Blood, activating Beast Scent also increases his Agility. If the hero is on Native Terrain, the range at which enemies can be detected increases.

Curse of the Beast

The hero executes a long-distance leap towards the enemy and bites him. This dramatically slows the enemy down and deals him damage over a set period of time. If the cursed enemy dies and the hero knows Lycanthropy, the enemy will turn into a beast under the hero’s command.


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