Sometimes, Cupid’s arrow brings not love but death.

A superb archer, Amazon quickly attracted the lord’s attention and was selected to lead a detachment of elite soldiers. The lord valued the girl for her ability, but more so for her captivating beauty. He often helped the girl with favors, but she was hesitant to answer in kind. The noble Amazon did not wish to offend another suitor: a young warrior, a childhood friend with whom she had studied archery.

The warrior did not think he could compete with the talented and wealthy lord, especially since Amazon always said that the warrior and she were only friends, though close friends. The poison of jealousy infected his soul, and the last straw was another gift that the lord gave the girl.

A company of troops was pursuing some Imperium spies that had infiltrated the kingdom. In the ensuing firefight, the young warrior was covering Amazon, who was looking for a good place in the trees to position herself. Jealousy took hold of him. He drew his bow, pointed it at her back, and whispered: “Now no one can have you.” Perhaps from some sort of intuition, the girl turned around at the last moment. As he released the arrow, the warrior’s eyes met the girl’s knowing gaze. Only then did he realize what he had done...

The warrior took the girl’s body to his lord and begged him to revive her. An arrow, damaged by the arrow, was found around her neck, a gift her future killer had given her as a child, a gift she had kept near her heart. The shards of the amulet became Amazon’s first Catalyst. The heroine was revived, but she no longer wished to have anything to do with all of these hapless suitors.


Enchanted Arrows

The heroine’s attacks and class talents simultaneously inflict both physical and magic damage.

Flurry Strike

The heroine draws her bow and releases arrows in the specified direction. The arrows inflict physical and magic damage on all enemies in their path. After the heroine learns the Suppressive Shots talent, enemies struck by the Flurry Strike are slowed down for a few seconds. This talent also lowers enemies’ Agility when the heroine is on Native Terrain. The decrease in Agility depends on the heroine’s Intellect.


The heroine moves to the specified location. She moves much more quickly when on Native Terrain. After the heroine learns the Positional Advantage talent, her Cunning is increased for a few seconds after moving. After the heroine learns the Active Defense talent, she can use the Redeploy talent even when immobilized. Before moving, the heroine is healed of 1 negative effect and, when she arrives at her new location, she is given a shield which for a few seconds absorbs some of the damage dealt to her.

Perfect Mark

The heroine’s attacks deal additional damage to the enemy, equal to a portion of the attacking enemy’s maximum Health. The additional damage cannot be greater than a certain maximum level, which depends on the heroine’s Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater.

Decisive Shot

The heroine wounds the enemy hero with the lowest health (within a large radius), dealing him physical and magic damage. After the heroine learns Dual Shot, she wounds the two heroes with the lowest Health.


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