Soul Catcher


No ordinary mortal, not even the greatest magician, can know what lies beyond this earthly life. Only heroes know what it is to die and be reborn. But whenever something falls outside of the power of man, there are always some who feel the urge to try and control it.

This powerful wizard, an expert in the magic of the Prime, dreamed of finding inspiration in death. He dreamed of knowing and experiencing his own existence both in life and in the afterlife. Evil men claim that he sometimes used the souls of living people in his rituals, and for that, he is called the Soul Catcher. Perhaps the chilling rumors had some truth to them. He was like a man obsessed, treating others like an artist treats his paints. But he did not wish to act cruelly, and once he found the right path, he took it immediately.

He managed to accomplish the impossible, opening a passage into the other world. The Soul Catcher stepped in, without hesitation, and disappeared from our world. When he returned, after many long years, his eyes sparkled with an unknown light, and on his shoulder, he carried a scythe of death. The great mage understood the essence of life and the destruction of death, and was able to master them both. His abilities of subduing the spirits of the dead and handling life energy itself are awe-inspiring, and even the lord he serves is too afraid to touch his Catalyst, a burning, glowing, ghastly sphere from the other world.

Perhaps the Soul Catcher had to give much of himself to visit the other world, but he also gained much. After learning what lies at the end of the road of Death, he turned back, returning to the road of Life. Realizing his new talents could be used in battle, he spends most of his time helping his allies, not destroying his enemies.


Fallen Souls

The hero has a chance of ghosts of the Reaper’s slain team being summoned for a set duration and fighting on his side. Ghosts of slain enemies are summoned to fight for the Reaper every time.

Ghost Whip

Ghost Whip acts on the specified target for a set duration, as long as the target is within range. If the target is an enemy, he takes magic damage once per second, and the hero recovers some Health every second. If the target is an ally, the hero receives damage and the ally’s Health is restored, instead. If the hero is on Native Terrain, this talent’s range is increased. If the hero has learned Life Transfusion, the amount of Health transferred by Ghost Whip increases dramatically.

Shield of Ghosts

Shield of Ghosts protects a specified ally for several seconds, absorbing some of the damage dealt to him. When the hero is on Native Terrain, this talent also increases the target’s Movement Speed. If the hero has learned Force of Suffering, then each attack reflected by Shield of Ghosts restores some of the hero’s Health.


Deals physical damage to all enemies near the hero. Damage inflicted by Reaping can steal both Health and Energy.

Wrath of the Dead

While this talent is active, all enemies near ghosts or active targets of the hero’s class talents receive magic damage. After the hero learns Shadow of Death, Wrath of the Dead turns the hero himself into a ghost for several seconds, greatly increasing his Speed and slightly reducing his Harvest cooldown time.

Lust for Life

After killing an enemy, any ghost (including the hero if he is in ghost form) has a few seconds added to the time before it vanishes.


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