Many years ago, among the wild forests and fertile pastures which are now the domain of the Keepers of Adornia, tribes of centaurs ruled the land. The marksmen and hunters were friends not only with humans but also with the suspicious unicorns.

But the growing Empire of Alexander drove out and slaughtered many of the creatures, even entire tribes and nations. The centaurs fled to an island in the Angry Ocean. Only many years after the cataclysm did the young and graceful Hunter come to the borders of the Prime Zone. He was perhaps the last of his kind, the final member of the ancient, freedom-loving creatures.

A superb trapper, he supplied the Keepers with fur and meat, but he failed to understand the meaning of borders and the hostility of the Imperium. “Hunters should just try to get enough to feed themselves and their families, but people are always taking more than they need,” the centaur complained. He was warned, but he disregarded the advice and crossed the border into the Imperium, going wherever he wished.

The Dokhts repeatedly attempted to capture him, but he always escaped, so a party of angry guards organized a hunt for him, as if he were a wild beast. With Prime guns, they surrounded the Hunter, demanding that he surrender. Their demands were met only with arrows, but the battle was not evenly matched. The Dokhts threw the centaur’s twisted corpse to the mercy of the Prime Zone’s monsters.

But, in the magical vapors of the Prime, the centaur was reborn a hero. He saved the bullet from his mortal wound and made it his Catalyst. The Hunter took an oath of service to the Keepers, or, more precisely, to the lord, who sends him into battle and lets him kill as many Dokhts as he can. After all, as long as there are enemies in world, there are borders, and until the end of these, the world will not see lasting peace.



The hero’s attacks cause bleeding wounds, so that the wounded enemy continues to lose Health for a few seconds after being injured. In addition, a bleeding enemy is always visible to the hero.

Enchanted Arrow

The hero shoots an Enchanted Arrow at a target, inflicting damage on the first enemy the arrow encounters. The hit lowers the target’s Health Regeneration. After the hero learns the Accurate Shot upgrade, enemies who are bleeding are dealt a lot more damage than usual.

Wild Call

The hero sounds his war bugle, increasing Cunning of all nearby allies. This increase in Cunning is much greater when the hero is on Native Terrain.

Rage of the Hunt

The hero greatly increases the Speed of a targeted ally for a few seconds. After the hero learns the Hunter’s Agility talent, the ally’s Agility will be increased, as well. And, after learning Passion of the Hunt, Rage of the Hunt will increase the Speed (and Agility, if Hunter’s Agility is learned) of the hero himself, too. If this talent is used on Native Terrain, its effect is increased.

Devastating Shot

The hero draws his bow and shoots an arrow in the specified direction, dealing damage to all enemies the arrow strikes during its flight. The harder the hero draws his bow, the stronger the shot. The Hurricane Trail talent increases the arrow’s range and damage.


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