The impregnable abode in the Dawn's Mountains has long been the hatching place of many infamous plans. It is rumored to be owned by a powerful clan of assassins, a group accepting only the most impossible missions. The leader will always complete a job, even at the expense of his men.

The Assassin has been a member of the clan since childhood, and when the time came for him to learn to kill, he did not hesitate, not even for a second. He trained hard, passed the first test with flying colors, and his list of hits was soon growing daily.

Finally, it was time for his last job, after which students become full-fledged warriors of the clan. But when he learned his objective, the Assassin was shocked. He was to kill the teacher who had been devoted to his training for so many years.

By night, he made his way unnoticed to the trainer’s quarters, woke him, and silently showed him the scroll with his name. “You do not understand, my boy,” the teacher answered quietly. “Today is your final examination. Today, you prove that you have become stronger than me, your teacher. That you have become the best of the best. It is I who wrote my name in the scroll. Defend yourself!”

The mentor snatched a weapon and lunged at the Assassin. The fight was long and hard, but in the end, youth overcome experience. His wounds bleeding, the student stood over the teacher’s body and saw a golden medallion in his mentor’s clenched fingers.

That night, the future hero left the fortress for good. The clan had nothing more to teach him. Only in war could he find worthy opponents. Only there could he improve his skills.

The Assassin did not try to heal the scars on his flesh. Instead, he covered them with tattoos, in memory of his slain mentor. His Catalyst, the gold medallion etched with the mark of a true killer, remains guarded in the lord’s castle.


Killer Instinct

Talents cool down faster after killing a soldier and even faster after killing a hero.

Insidious Throw

Deals physical damage to the first enemy in its path and slows his movement for a few seconds. After the hero learns the Merciless Steel talent, the damage dealt by the Insidious Throw talent is increased.

Shadow Warrior

The hero becomes invisible and moves more quickly for a few seconds. If he is on Native Terrain, this ability’s duration is increased. After the hero learns the Shadow Strike talent, his first attack while invisible stuns the enemy. If the hero knows the Vital Shadow talent, his Health Regeneration rate is boosted while he is invisible.

The Mark

The hero stamps his target with a The Mark for a set duration. For every second The Mark is active and the enemy is visible on the map, the hero’s first attack deals more damage, up to a maximum. If the hero is on Native Terrain, The Mark requires less Energy to activate. If the hero has learned Preparation, his Energy is restored more quickly as long as an enemy is stamped with The Mark.

Decisive Strike

The hero immediately moves to the target and attacks it, causing substantial magic damage (the amount of which depends on the hero’s Intellect). When used on Native Terrain, the distance the hero can move is greatly increased.


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