From her childhood, the noble lord spoiled his daughter. To his delight, she grew up into a rare beauty, and one who knew the benefits of her appearance. She so conducted herself that all around her jumped to fulfill her every whim.

None of the tournaments lacked her involvement. Men performed many miracles of heroism for her and would give their lives for her if necessary. Once, as they fought for her attention, some warriors mortally wounded each other. The girl was stunned by the sight. Giving in to a sudden urge, the girl leapt into the arena and shouted loudly: “Do not die! Look at me! I order you not to die!"

The spectators marveled as the soldiers stood up, their mortal wounds healed, their faces full of amazement at their salvation. It was the sweetest feeling they had ever had! The girl was flattered that men were willing to die for her, but even more pleased that she could save their lives. That was true beauty: saving the lives of gallant warriors! She would do this for the rest of her life!


Healer's Reward

By healing her friends, the heroine receives Prime.


Restores a certain amount of Health to the selected ally and a certain percent of this Health to the heroine. If the heroine has learned Healing Sparks, the Healing talent heals all nearby allies. The Healing Mastery talent doubles the rate at which Healing takes effect and also increases the total amount of Health restored.

Armor of Grace

The heroine's Will and Stamina are increased.

Inspiration of Grace

The heroine gets a permanent bonus to her Intellect and Strength.

Triumph of Life

The heroine becomes invulnerable for several seconds and heals herself every few seconds. This skill is automatically activated whenever the heroine’s Health drops below a certain point. If the heroine has learned Total Triumph, this talent also affects all heroes with its effective range.

Land's Blessing

Can be used only from Native Terrain. Increases maximum Health of an allied target for some time. While active, restores some of  the Priestess' Health every few seconds.


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