Flame Tail


From her childhood, Flame Tail has been shrouded in legend. They say that, three days after her birth, a devastating fire engulfed her home. The heat and suffocating smoke prevented anyone from getting to the baby to help her. Suddenly, a nimble werefox with a flame tail jumped from the flames, holding a cradle in her teeth, with the girl inside, unharmed and smiling. The girl was named after her unexpected savior.

Restless and impetuous, like a real fox, Flame Tail was not born for a quiet life. Of all the arts, she chose the dangerous art of fire dancing. People came from all over the kingdom to watch her frenzied dance through rings of fire. Stunned, they witnessed as she would disappear into firestorms and then emerge, unharmed and beautiful. But one day, something went wrong, and when they put the fires out, they found only a flame-shaped brooch.

The girl did not want to play with fire any longer. Heeding the Call of the Prime, she decided to become fire herself. The flaming brooch was her Catalyst, and the lord was able to revive her. But the newly reborn girl has changed dramatically. She now loves to incinerate things. She enjoys watching them burn, and the war has helped her channel her passion.

On the battlefield, Flame Tail gracefully dances among the enemy ranks, leaving a trail of smoking embers and ashes behind her.



Soul Harmony

Using class talents restores the heroine’s Health. If the heroine remains motionless for several seconds, she also begins to regenerate her Energy.

Wind and Sparks

The heroine sends a fiery wind in a specified direction, dealing damage to all targets in its path. After the heroine learns Deceptive Wind, the victims of the fiery wind are slowed down, as well. The Swift Wind talent will reduce the talent’s cooldown time for each target affected.


Both the heroine’s regular attacks and her special attacks ignite the target.

Cunning Fox

The heroine creates an illusion of herself which distracts her enemies while she becomes invisible for several seconds. If the heroine is on Native Terrain, she receives a Movement Speed bonus as long as she is invisible. In addition, if enemies are nearby and the heroine loses a large amount of Health, the Cunning Fox talent is activated automatically. After the heroine learns Cackling Flame, she briefly stuns all enemies around her shortly after she creates her illusion.


The heroine grows large tails, releasing bursts of flame into the sky. The flame bursts are precisely aimed and plummet onto the heads of the heroine’s enemies, dealing them damage. After learning Flame Shield, the heroine takes less damage from enemy attacks while she is using Flame-tailed. Damage from enemy attacks is reduced even further if the heroine uses Flame-tailed while on Native Terrain.


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