Survival among the street gangs in the slums isn’t easy for a little orphan. What can stop some street scum from getting to you when there’s no one to protect you? Only courage and self-defense. During his childhood, he was often beat up by neighborhood bullies. He would take it quietly, fiercely clutching a bunch of old wooden beads which had belonged to his late father.

But every time, he grew a little stronger, a little more skilled at fighting, and the day soon came where he was no longer the one walking away bruised and beaten. They say that all sorts of gangs tried to recruit the boy, but he hatefully rejected them all. He wanted to defend the common people from gangsters. With the help of his combat skills and his street smarts, he reeducated the bullies he knew who were not yet beyond hope, transforming them into a patrol that protected the innocent.

Of course, the gangs didn’t like this. Witnesses were bribed to accuse the Meijin of crimes he never committed. He was arrested, but the townspeople besieged the prison with protests. Fearing that the authorities would be pressured to release the master, the leaders of the gangs sent an assassin to take care of him.

The proud warrior did not call for help. With his bare hands, he killed the mercenaries who attacked him. But when the guards came to release him, they found the Meijin lying on the ground, not breathing, the shining beads around his neck.

The people carried the body of the fallen soldier to the lord, and he was able to revive him. The beads became the new hero’s Catalyst. For many years he fought to protect the citizens of his hometown, but when the war began, he enlisted without hesitation, since his greatest dream was to finally see peace come to the world.



Every fifth time damage is inflicted by an attack or one of the hero’s class talents, 100% additional magic damage is inflicted as well.

First of Fury

When this talent is activated, the hero’s next attack will inflict physical damage and hurl the enemy into the air. This damage is greater when the hero is on Native Terrain. After the hero learns Iron Fist, Fist of Fury will also stun enemies for a short time.

Shooting Star

The hero launches a kick at the targeted enemy, inflicting damage. This talent recharges much more quickly when the hero is on Native Terrain. After the hero learns Resistance Is Futile, Shooting Star also stuns the target for a short time. If the enemy is already stunned, the kick deals double damage.


The hero regains some health when he inflicts damage using his class talents. After learning Pain Tolerance, the hero recovers a certain percent of the Health he has lost.

Black Tornado

The hero spins rapidly for a short time, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. During this talent’s duration, control abilities have no effect on the hero. After the hero learns Wild Whirlwind, his Movement Speed during Black Tornado is increased.


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