No one who lives today knew him in his youth. Anyone you ask will answer, with a shrug, that the Immortal one has always been just like he is now. He does not change and does not age, and always carries his faithful sword, All-Seeing Steel.

Rumor has it that they met many years ago, and have since become dependent on one another. But who is dependent on whom? Behind the hero’s back, people whisper that he has long been kept under the blade’s control, acting only to fulfill its strange commands.

One day, the hero was invited to participate in the Spring Flowers celebration, along with the other masters of war. He was blindfolded, and some rag dolls and obstacles were placed around him, but when the signal sounded, the sword would not leave its sheath! The noble weapon, desiring to drink the life of vanquished enemies, did not want to participate in such silly games, and the hero left the festival amidst laughter and shouts of ridicule. The apprentice of the local master laughed most of all. But as he mocked, the ridiculed warrior summoned him to a bloody duel. Now the sword had no trouble leaving its sheath. In a matter of seconds, it had knocked away the mocker’s weapon and torn his flesh to pieces. Then, it returned to its resting place, awaiting its next feast of blood.

All-Seeing Steel leads the hero in battle. It was made for war and victory, not for peaceful entertainment. Only in battle is its deadly power revealed. The blade does not like the long pauses between fights, always yearning to face another round of perilous enemies.


Power Absorption

When an enemy hero dies nearby, the hero’s Health is restored and permanently increased.

Hero Strike

The hero becomes invulnerable and wounds multiple enemies (the damage depends on the hero’s Agility). After the hero learns the Worthy Opponent talent, any enemy character affected by Hero Strike will be stunned. After the hero learns Whirl of Steel, Hero Strike will slow enemies down.

Battle Hunger

Each blow inflicted by the hero increases his Agility. This effect stacks with repeated use of this talent. When used on Native Terrain, this talent also increases the amount of life stolen from opponents by the hero. After the hero learns Concentrated Fury, the hero’s Speed is increased when the maximum amount of Battle Hunger is reached. When Battle Hunger is reduced, the hero’s Speed will return to its original value.

Bloody Massacre

When an ally or enemy dies nearby, the hero’s Health is restored. After the hero learns the Blood Rage talent, Bloody Massacre also increases the hero’s Stamina and Will when his Health is reduced.

Immortal Spirit

When he dies, the hero becomes an invincible spirit as long as he has enough Energy. When he is reborn, he inflicts damage on nearby enemies. The amount of damage depends on the hero’s maximum Health. Also, when he is reborn, some of the hero’s Health is restored. This effect restores more Health when the hero is on Native Terrain.


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