Please note! After the factions were abolished, every player can hire this Hero!

With each passing year, she perfected her skills. People said that her paintings could heal people who touched them. But for every talent, there is someone who is jealous of it. Overcome with rage, the girl’s enemies invited her to the Autumn Colors festival, in which the painters use pure Prime.

As soon as the tournament began, the girl discovered that her brushes had been stolen. But her opponents had already begun, so the young participant dipped her tender hands into the Prime! As she painted, she failed to notice the crimson drops of blood seeping from her fingers.

The judges wanted to stop the contest, but the girl was so absorbed with her art that she left the canvas and began to paint a picture in mid-air: a snow-white bird. It flapped its wings and zoomed over the stands. The fascinated crowd watched with admiration, but the girl collapsed, exhausted as the Prime oozed into her bloodstream.

The direct contact with the Prime awakened the heroine within her, but the girl just wanted to continue creating art, so the country’s master painter took her on as an apprentice. However, she could no longer paint living pictures, so the Keeper gave her a Master’s Brush, suggesting that the ancient tool might help. He was right. The girl was again able to paint living works.

Unfortunately, the Dokhts learned about the special brush and wanted to have it for themselves, so they sent the Eraser after it. He seized the brush and fatally shot the master painter. To protect her teacher, Artiste waved her hands, and the beast she painted rushed towards the Ninja.

“This brush is a simple piece of wood, but it helped you believe in yourself,” the heroine’s dying teacher whispered. “The talent lies in the creator, not the tool...” Thus Artiste became a heroine. But even when she is in the heat of a desperate battle, the artist longs to create art, instead.



As long as Artiste stays in one location, she accumulates paints, which enhance her Agility and reduce her talents’ cooldown time. As soon as the heroine moves, her paint supplies begin to gradually run out. The more paint she has accumulated, the higher her Agility and the faster her talents recharge.

Painted Beast

The heroine paints a beast who gradually comes to life and begins to attack the specified target, inflicting physical damage. After the heroine learns Color of Destruction, the painted beast’s attack also lowers the enemy’s Stamina and Will for several seconds.

Color of Life

For several seconds, Artiste inflicts magic damage on the designated enemy or restores the Health of the designated ally. When used on Native Terrain, this talent also blinds the enemy for a short time. By learning the Speed of Color talent, the heroine also increases allies’ Movement Speed (or reduces the Movement Speed of enemies).

Master's Colors

After the heroine learns this talent, all of her allies, when a magic scroll won on the battlefield is given to another player, receive a chance of getting a copy for themselves. In addition, Artiste’s normal attacks inflict additional damage. The more colors the heroine has and the more damage her attacks inflict, the more additional damage is dealt. After the heroine learns War Paint, her attacks inflict additional physical damage.

Master's Paintbrush

After the activation of this talent, each of the heroine’s other class talents becomes a chain attack, hitting multiple enemies located near the selected target. After the heroine learns the Great Artist talent, Brush of the Master gives Artiste additional paint and allows her to accumulate even more than before. When Brush of the Master is used on Native Terrain, the heroine’s paint accumulation is immediately filled to maximum. When the talent’s duration ends, the maximum quantity of paint Artiste can hold gradually returns to normal.


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