Storm Thrower


One night, as the rain poured down in torrents, this hero was born as a flash struck the earth. The baby’s first cry came as the thunder pealed and lightning split the sky, its reflection the first sight the wide little eyes had of the world.

From that day, they called him Storm. He grew up to be a clever yet stubborn child, but that wasn’t what was strange about him. When he was sad, it would begin to rain. When he was angry, the thunderclouds would swell to great heights and flashes of lightning would rend the air. Storm could ignite a spark from his finger, and when he was having fun, flashes of bright light would fill his eyes.

Everyone knew that the boy was on his way to becoming a hero, but when people asked the local lord to help him uncover his heroic abilities, he refused. He believed that he would meet his destiny on his own.

Storm went off into the wilderness of Sik'Hayya. He wandered out among the ancient drawings in the desert. On the third day, a dry thunderstorm broke out. Piercing flashes of lightning rent the sky, crashing into the dunes. The sands struck by the powerful blasts were transformed into glass. Storm Thrower hovered in the center of the wild elements, lightning encircling his body. The storm intensified, the flashes merging into an endless cascade, and the atmosphere was filled with suspended Prime. Suddenly, everything stopped. The hero had subdued the storm!

He had long thought he was the only one in Praia who could tame the lightning, but a hero with similar powers soon appeared in the Imperium, as well. Now, the Storm Thrower looks to battle with this rival master of thunder.


Chain Lightning

Using any talent adds the Thunder and Lightning effect to the hero, increasing the usual attack power of his chain lightning. With repeated use of the talent, the effect is multiplied, increasing the number of targets damaged. Over time, the effect becomes weaker and deals less damage.


The hero hurls his hammer at the enemy, inflicting damage. After the hero learns the Electric Shock talent, the hammer strike stuns the target, lowering his Speed and Agility.

Lightning Bolt

The hero launches a ball of lightning with a limited range. Once it hits its target, it explodes, inflicting damage. If the Lightning Bolt explodes on Native Terrain, it also damages enemies near the target.



For a few seconds, the hero damages enemies behind him when he moves. After the hero learns Lightning Speed, he receives a bonus to his movement speed whenever he uses Overload.

Rage of the Skies

This ability strikes all enemy characters on the map with lightning, inflicting great amounts of damage. If the enemies are located on the hero’s Native Terrain, the lightning strikes slow them down.
After the hero learns the Storm's Fury talent, this talent deals additional damage.


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