The Keepers once revered him as a skilled blade manufacturer, but he cared nothing for honor and preferred to make training and tournament weapons rather than deadly maces and battle axes. However, his skill was so great that any true warrior can wield one of his wooden swords with the same effect as a blade of steel. It was he who made the Rumbler’s heavy crusher, the only weapon the colossus would not destroy when he wielded it.

But the weaponsmith’s peaceful labor ended when the bloody war with the Imperium began. The enemy’s army besieged the master’s hometown and took the wall with the very first assault. Then, the future Shogun grabbed a decorative shield and a training weapon and, with a great roar, rushed into the thick of the battle. Surrounded by hundreds of vicious enemies, he died a heroic death but rose again. The new hero’s chisel, filled with blood, became his Catalyst. The Keepers, inspired by the hero’s daring feat, launched a powerful assault and forced the Dokhts out of the city.

The new hero has yet to meet his equal in battle. Even the most cowardly rookies are transformed into fearsome warriors when they learn that their company is led by the Shogun. These days, since he is more experienced, the Shogun no longer rushes headlong into battle, but waits for just the right moment to deliver a swift, crushing blow to the enemy’s weak spot.

At times, after yet another bloody battle, the warrior’s hands tire of combat, and the hero takes up his old craft. He returns to the castle and soon emerges with a new masterpiece.



Each nearby ally increases the hero’s Fortitude and Will. On Native Terrain, the hero’s Strength is increased, as well.

Warchief's Strike

The hero hits all of the enemies in front of him. After the hero learns Crushing Blow, his Warchief's Strike also lowers enemies’ Stamina for a set duration.


The hero charges at his enemy, stunning him and inflicting serious damage. On Native Terrain, this damage is much greater.

After learning the Battle Spirit talent, nearby allied soldiers will join the Warlord’s attacks. All of those allies will also receive a temporary bonus to their Speed and Agility.

Charmed Plate

For 10 seconds, all nearby allies receive magical protection which inflicts magic damage to any enemies who attack them. After learning Robust Plate, the hero’s charmed armor will reduce any damage he receives.

Sacred Banner

The hero can plant his banner in the ground, increasing the maximum Health of all nearby allies. The land around the banner becomes Native Terrain. When using this talent on Native Terrain, the hero also increases the Agility of all allies near the banner.

After learning Last Stronghold, the effect from the banner (besides all those mentioned above) also heals heroes and soldiers.


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