In the ancient castle of the Keepers hung a long series of portraits. All had some mystery to them, but one was particularly striking: a white mask, gazing with empty eyes. Tradition says that sometimes, the image steps out of the canvas and wanders the region, and no one who encounters him lives to tell the tale...

Once, the castle passed into the hands of a fearless, enlightened lady. “We cannot live in such foolish terror,” she said. “I must destroy the portrait so that these silly fears are forgotten.” The servants would not dare argue with the lady, but none of them could bring themselves to touch the canvas. So the lady herself took the painting off the wall and thrust it into the fire...

A terrible sense of foreboding came upon all present. That night, everyone in the castle was awake, kept from sleep by a terrible anticipation. Hiding in silence and darkness, all prepared for a horrible end to the story. At midnight, the shadow of the white mask quietly crept through the corridors, and in the lady’s room whispered frightening words: “I faithfully served the former owners of this castle, and I could have served you. But now, you will sleep forever...”

Even though the Phantom has never since been seen in that region, the castle is deserted, of course. No one has the courage to become its new owner.


Mystic Slayer

Every time the hero uses an ability, his chance of scoring a critical hit increases. This effect lasts for several seconds. The effect stacks when an ability is used repeatedly.

Blade of Darkness

The hero throws a dagger at his opponent, dealing damage. If the hero is on Native Terrain, his Blade ricochets off of his target into the nearest enemy, dealing damage. After the hero learns Cutting Throw, the blade slows the victim’s movement.


Damage dealt by critical hits is increased. If the hero is on Native Terrain, critical hits also restore his Health. Any critical hit which takes the enemy below a certain amount of Health will kill him. The higher the hero’s Intellect, the easier killing the enemy is.


The hero moves to the specified location. After the hero learns Flash of Darkness the hero’s movement deals damage to and blinds all nearby enemies. The Shadow Dance talent reduces the recharge time for Energy lost.

Face of Death

The hero removes his mask, revealing his face to the enemy. The sight is terrifying, and for an extended period of time, the hero has a greater chance of scoring a critical hit on the target. After the hero learns Chilling Horror, his Strength and Intellect are increased for an extended period of time, if the victim dies during Face of Death’s duration.


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