Show everyone, that the time of Nightmares has begun! And remember — Wendigo is a lot more powerful during the night!


In the heart of Praya, legends are handed down from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. Mostly they are superstitions and kind sayings but there are some stories about dreadful creatures that no soul would wish to encounter. Once a creature like that showed up near the Castle and after a while, inside. Some citizens still cannot accept that their beloved ruler gave the monster a chance to prove itself in service. But what's done is done...

They say the times were hard many years ago when there was no Castle at all. The land itself seemed to revolt against the dwellers who were trying to cultivate it but, alas, in vain: endless floods ruined the harvest and food supplies were running out with each passing month... Thousands of people were starving and even the once-safe roads became dangerous — most frugal food supplies were then a good-enough reason to stain the hands with blood. While large settlements were somehow surviving, small distant villages suffered the most.

One of such villages was home to a young man whose name is lost in centuries. His father and he were the only hunters — a gleam of hope for all the villagers during the dark times. Day and night they were tracking down the prey to provide for their family and neighbors.

Heavy rain fell, rivers burst the banks, and animals abandoned the place that used to be their home. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, the exhausted youth went hunting towards the mountains. Rumor had it that a tremendous monster was living there, and its meat could support the people for a long time. More than once locals saw the sinister creature by a prime mountain spring: it seemed like the behemoth was coming there to water.

The boy was missing for three long days, and the villagers started to consider his funeral. It was a gloomy day that suddenly changed into a dark, impenetrable night. Frightened villagers hastily hid in the houses. A little girl was looking through the window and noticed a monstrous creature entering the hunters' hut. A piercing shriek penetrated the air: the mother of the once-human monster cried in terror.

The hunter boy slew the monster in the mountains and, driven by hunger, tried the meat of his prey. Deeply imbued with prime, the meat made him unconscious as soon as he finished. Unbearable pain shot through his mind: he satisfied his hunger but paid for it dearly.

When the hunter came to his senses, nothing human was left in him. There was just a memory, a memory about his home. The home where he had to return by all means to do something important... But when he showed himself, even his own mother rejected him.

The darkness disappeared, those who survived ran to other settlements, and so the village was left once and for all. But Wendigo, the embodiment of deadly hunger, stayed there until one day he ate enough to recover parts of his twisted mind.

Wendigo’s Talents

Trail of Blood

Wendigo’s passive ability allows him to put a bleed effect on his enemies when using class talents. The effect can be stacked up to 3 times. Bleeding enemies do not only receive damage, but also can not hide from the Hero.

During the night, Wendigo’s auto-attacks can help him get to the bleeding enemy fast.



Улучшение классовой способности позволит Герою восстанавливать собственное Здоровье за каждую атаку по врагу с эффектом кровотечения. Подобные атаки будут наносить врагам дополнительный урон.

Savage Hunt

Hero’s first active ability helps him hunt his enemies and dodge attacks. By using this talent, Wendigo fastly moves towards a certain direction, hitting all enemies on his way. During the night, talent’s cooldown in a lot shorter than during the day. What is more, when it is dark, Savage Hunt does not require Energy to be used.

Bone Trap

Upon using his second active ability, the Hero puts a bone trap on the ground. If an enemy Hero steps on it, they won’t be able to move for a while.


Sharp Bones

The upgrade of this ability will make the trap invisible and will allow it to deal damage to the trapped enemy.

Take note!

During the night, Wendigo’s Speed is reduced to 0 and he is not able to move the usual way — he can only dash using Savage Hunt. If Wendigo does not move for a short while, he becomes invisible.


Wendigo’s third active ability allows Wendigo to teleport to his trap when an enemy Hero gets caught in it. This ability takes some time to cast during the day and is used immediately during the night.


Cracking Bones

This ability’s upgrade makes the trap explode after Wendigo teleported to it, dealing damage to all enemies around it.

Curse of Hunger

Hero’s second passive ability allows the Hero to steal Strength or Intellect, whatever the greater, from its target for each first kill of enemy Heroes during one battle.

During the night, Wendigo steals even more characteristic points from his enemies. The effect dismantles if Wendigo dies.



Curse of Hunger upgrade will allow Wendigo to deal additional damage to targets who have not yet been killed by him during the battle.

Monstrous Hunger

The Hero’s first ultimate ability deals a lot of damage to the selected enemy. What is more, it makes the target receive all the damage it could have received with time from Trail of Blood effects applied to them.


Dreadful Death

The upgrade of Monstrous Hunger makes the act of killing the enemy so terrible that it makes all enemies, who witness it while standing nearby, run away in fear for a few seconds.

Nightmare time

Wendigo’s second ultimate ability allows him to switch the day into the night. The darkness surrounds the Hero after he casts his spell, blinding all enemies near him. Upon use, Nightmare time makes it possible to use Savage Hunt right away by reducing its cooldown to zero.


Endless Nightmare

Second ultimate’s upgrade will allow the night to stay on the battlefield ‘forever’ — making a kill or an assist extends the Nightmare time’s time of action.


Make your enemies suffer an endless nightmare!



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