Masters of arts and crafts from all over the land of Adornia were gathered for the great exhibition. Sighs of admiration were heard everywhere. But at one booth, the visitors left shrugging their shoulders. “Birds are beautiful in the heavens, and flowers, in the garden,” they said. Blizzard, a young sculptor, listened to them humbly, her eyes downcast. “But the birds fall, and the flowers fade. I make them perfect,” she protested. “Perfect? These chunks of ice?” laughed one critic. “Yes! And you would be perfect yourself if you would just shut up!” Blizzard couldn’t take any more. The critic was immediately encased in a pathetic pose, transformed into a glistening ice sculpture. Everyone had to admit that the new look suited him. Fortunately, after an hour had passed, the man, frightened and frozen, came to his senses. “You’d freeze a man to death? Then I know where you can find some admirers...”

So Blizzard went to war. There, her art won her the immediate admiration of her allies, and she has never suffered from a shortage of material for her beautiful statues.


Chains of Ice

Any damage inflicted by the heroine reduces the enemy’s Speed and Agility.


The heroine creates a Blizzard which deals continual magic damage to enemies within. After the heroine learns the Frostburn talent, immobilized targets receive additional damage from Blizzard.

Strength of Cold

Enemies that attack the heroine take damage.

Ice Splinter

Shards of ice attack an enemy or defend an ally for a few seconds. If the target is an enemy, he receives damage for some time. If the target is a friend, then enemies which attack him take damage for the duration of the talent. After the heroine learns Ice Energy, her Energy recharges more quickly during Ice Splinter. When using this talent on Native Terrain, the heroine’s Health Regeneration speed also increases. The degree of Energy and Health regeneration depends on the heroine’s maximum Energy.


The heroine deals damage to an enemy and freezes him. If a hero from her faction is nearby, the effect is canceled. When Eternity is used on the Native Terrain, some of the opponent’s Energy is drained every second. The amount of Energy drained depends on the heroine’s maximum Energy. After learning the Permafrost talent, the duration of Eternity is increased, and for the first few seconds, the heroine cannot be unfrozen.

Cold Mind

For a set period of time, the heroine’s next attack deals additional physical damage to the enemy. The amount of damage inflicted depends on the heroine’s maximum Energy.


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