Prince of Thieves


Sentimental fools believe that the Prince, as a child, was forced to steal to survive. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Prince grew up in an affluent community and never lived in poverty. His passion for others’ carefully guarded treasures did not come all at once. He just liked to acquire things that no one else possessed. Besides filling orders, the Prince would also travel to the land of the Odd to get some rare totems, which were very valuable but also very difficult to obtain.

The thief’s mastery grew over the years. With the help of a smoke screen, he could sneak unnoticed into any room, infiltrating even the most secured places. But he could deal with any guards head-on, too; he was, after all, a master swordsman.

The fame and success of the thief attracted the attention of his enemies.

Once, the Dokhts kidnapped the Prince’s girl. To him, living with this was worse than suffering in any prison. For four seemingly endless years he worked for the Dokhts, and the deeds that he did during that time still haunt his memory.

The Prince was able to arrange his girl’s escape, and they have since enjoyed their long-awaited freedom. But when the hero returned home, many noticed that his character had become quiet and grim. He would now only take work which required him to steal something from the Dokhts. When the Prince heard rumors of a new war with the Imperium, he was the first to enlist.

The lord he has sworn to serve can rest easy: the Prince never disobeys an order. But asking him about his past won’t do any good; he won’t say anything. Or, perhaps he’ll drop a mysterious phrase which arouses your curiosity but only makes things more complicated.



As long as the hero is alive, each team member receives a Prime bonus for each kill. Also, the hero receives a Prime bonus for any kill made by a team member.

Fair Game

The hero carries a magical substance, which he can throw at an opponent to stun him for a few seconds. On Native Terrain, this ability also inflicts damage based on your character’s Strength. After learning the Explosive Concoction talent, the Prince of Thieves can use it to blind all enemies within a small radius.


The hero can increase his Attack Speed for several seconds. By learning Bold Rush, the hero can further increase his Speed.

Trick Blade

When performing a normal attack, the hero has a chance of dealing a small amount of magic damage to all enemies within melee distance. The damage dealt depends on the hero’s Intellect.

Ace In The Hole

Blocks incoming damage in case it exceeds the available Health points by a certain percent. When the Ace in the Hole talent is on a cooldown, hero can deal a significant amount of damage to an enemy with the Relentless Shot ability. If Relentless Shot is used from a Native Terrain, restores hero’s Health.

Razor Sharp Blade

The Prince’s attacks inflict more damage.


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