Fallen Lord

With combat construction, the hero reverts enemy attacks back against them and moves across the battlefield in a wave of blades, turning even the direst of situations to advantage with sound tactical decisions.


Fallen Lord’s talents


Fallen Lord’s passive ability helps him save his native amount of Health. In time, the Hero receives charges of “Arsenal”, which add up additional Health to the Hero’s native Health pool. The effect stacks up to 10 times.

Wave of Blades

After using his active ability, the Hero throws a wave of blades in selected direction. All the enemies hit by this ability receive damage and get slowed down by 30%.


With the improvement of this ability learned, a possibility of using the “Wave of Blades” one more time after its first use becomes available. This way, the Hero is able to teleport in the centre of battle in the blink of an eye - right at the place where the “Wave of Blades” is at the moment.

Battle order

Fallen Lord’s second ability allows him to significantly enhance his and his allies powers. The hero under the “Battle order” effect deals damage to enemies around him if he is taking any damage. The amount of damage the hero deals to his enemies depends on the number of “Arsenal” stacks Fallen Lord has.


With the improvement learned, Battle Order additionally decreases damage dealt to the Hero or his ally under its effect. The more charges of “Arsenal” Fallen Lord has, the more damage “Battle Order” absorbs.

Eternal service

The Hero's next ability is a passive one. It allows him to strengthen his defences and deal more damage.
After “Eternal Service” talent is learned, finishing off enemy soldiers or Heroes immediately restores a certain amount of Fallen Lord's “Arsenal” effects.


With improvement talent learned, Fallen Lord's auto-attacks deal additional damage to enemies around him each time Fallen Lord gains a charge of “Arsenal”. The more effects stacked, the higher the damage done to the foes is.


Same as the Heroes previously added to the game, Fallen Lord has entered Praya with two ultimate abilities available right away!



After using his first ultimate ability, the Hero temporarily unleashes the true power of his blades and gains “Arsenal” effects significantly faster. What is more, the enemies nearby are getting silenced. This prevents them from using their talents.


With talent's improvement learned, every “Arsenal” stack reduces Hero's class talents cooldown.

Combat formation

Hero's alternative ultimate allows him to buff his whole team with “Battle order”, making his team even more dangerous.


With the improvement of this talent learned, it passively increases the maximum amount of “Arsenal” stacks up to 15.




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