However, do not be fooled by her attractive appearance because Luna’s role is Slayer! But slaying her enemies is not the only use she has for the energy of the cosmos. Luna’s abilities make her allies on the battlefield much more mobile, an attribute usually reserved for Support heroes. Interested? You can read more about this new hero here.

Luna's talents

"Surplus Energy"

Passive ability of Luna allows her to receive and accumulate about 5 charges of the universe energy.


If she has accumulated the maximum number of energy, her active ability will have an amplifying effect while using but all the charges will be exploited at once.

"Charged particle"

When Luna uses her bond to the universe, she can send charged particles towards her opponents. It is said that these are little pieces of stars!


A particle will damage the first enemy on its way, as well as others who will be nearby. In addition, particles may increase their size, damage, as well as their speed after coming through the astral gates.

"Astral Gates"

Luna can create portals on the battlefield and move through them.


The learned improvement of the talent also allows her allies to move through the portals, which increases their cunning for some time.


For some time Luna may take the form of serenity and become absolutely invulnerable and go through other creatures.

Her movement speed will decrease and the ability "Astral Gates" will start to function differently, the Hero will not got through them, but moves to the specified portal.


The ultimate ability will set all enemies in stasis, which will come into the area created by Luna.


While being in stasis state, enemy heroes can't move, attack, use skills, but are immune to all types of damage. After this ability is over, all enemy heroes, who were influenced by it start to receive damage again.


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