Today in the morning, castles and towns looked exactly as a marvelous dream. Even the boiling of the Prime calmed down before the dawn. With the first sunbeams, in one of the border castles, on the upper platform of observation tower winged maiden came down from heaven. “I’ve heard that your Lord would like to know about me,” — she said to the soldiers, who didn’t dare to come to her, — “And here I am.”

But suddenly a shriek broke the morning calm — a frenzied monster escaped the Prime zone and attacked small foresters’ and hunters’ villages, scattering on both sides of the border. The maiden could not stay away knowing that people need her. That morning warriors and hunters witnessed the real power of the heroine, who came to help them.

The Lord, who came out to the observation tower, realized: this encounter with winged maiden was inevitable.

Blessed by heaven. Welcomed by people. Not grateful to anyone.

Hero Role: Support.
Cost to Hire: 500,000 Silver or 199 gold



Just the presence of a Defender / Guardian makes everyone feel stronger. All allies on a battlefield replenish energy faster when a Defender / Guardian is alive.

Angelic light

A beam heals wounds of allies and hurts opponents – those who get on its way. When a heroine gains experience and learns a talent “Test of Faith”, the beam slows down opponents and speeds up allies.

Spirit Beacon

The light is the power! A Defender / Guardian summons on a battlefield The Light of Spirit that enhances characteristics of the ones who are around. If heroes are on their Native Terrain, a part of the damage got by allies will dissolve in the beam’s light. When a talent “Repletion” is learnt, a Defender / Guardian can fill the Light of Spirit with a beam of Angelic light, which makes it explode, spreading enhanced effect on allies.

Spear of Vengeance

If she sees that an ally needs help, a heroine may ask heavens for a spear, which is as if woven of pure, searing light. Everyone, who will get under its jab, will feel the angelic force and will freeze for a while blinded by the light. If to pick up a spear quickly, the heroine will reduce the time required for its summon.

Angel’s flight

With a wave of powerful wings, a Defender / Guardian soars up to the skies and wafts through the clouds to the allies. Neither distance nor other obstacles will be able to put out heroine’s course.

Keeper of Life

When the heroine is alive, the time of opponents’ resurrection is increased. But even after the death, a Defender / Guardian will not leave the allies, continuing the fight on the battlefield until the light will not run out.


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