Forests outside of Egizar have been touched by the Prime Zone and are considered too dangerous for promenades and even usual hunting. However, it was no usual hunting. Since recently, people from adjacent villages were disappearing pretty often. The Touched were not uncommon here, places were considered dangerous, and local folks got used to the fact that sometimes, once in several months, the next villager wouldn't come back from the forest. But there were almost two dozen of them "lost in the woods" for less than three weeks, and that was too much! A local lord ordered to send troops and study out this new threat residing in the forests of the Prime Zone. Three heroes followed by one and a half dozen archers left the castle at a day-break to walk into the depths of the forest, going north towards the Prime Zone.

Early on, everything was just fine - they have found no traces of the "unknown Touched" or their victims. Acrid Naga started to bugger about "s-s-silly villagers-s-s" who probably had discovered a new sort of a drunkenberry and were celebrating it somewhere on the outskirts. "They will s-s-sober up and come back." Not a joke to write home about, but nevertheless, all other members of the troop were led to believe in a positive outcome of this trip.

The third day brought trouble. A troop of archers ordered to get some firewood for an evening camp hadn't come back. They were found pretty soon, but nobody could tell what had happened to them. Firewood was scattered all over a clearing, bodies were disfigured by poison, and their eyes were iced with horror. Silence deepened within the troop.

The next morning, Prince of Thieves disappeared. He was the last one to keep the night watch - apparently, the reckless hero had seen or heard something, decided to explore it and went into the woods all alone. Needless to say, his companions found no trail of the Prince. "He mus-s-st be in the castle already. Res-s-s-surrected and fresh after the Prime S-s-spring" - grumbled Naga. "He could at leas-s-st have written a note, telling what he s-s-saw." But nobody smiled.

The next day was keeping them in suspense. "It's the calm before the storm" - thought the Immortal leading the operation. And the storm has finally broken at sunset. The troops, resting on a tree trunk, jumped on their feet as soon as the ground started to shake under them. The next moment a beast arrived in the center of a clearing, scattering piles of dirt all around. One of the archers managed to squeak "Monstera!" As quick as lightning, the beast turned over to the sound and smashed him with its tail. Poor archer couldn't even scream, but his comrades screamed instead: Right in front of their eyes, the archer became acid-green and... blew out, spraying the nearby troops with poison. Meanwhile, the nameless beast (which actually had something in common with monstera used by the Keepers in military assaults against enemy outposts) turned to heroes and attacked them.

The fight was hot - the creature lashed around the clearing, mining into the fight, disappearing under the ground, mauling everyone with its terrifying claws and seemed almost invincible. The archers were killed within several minutes, and both heroes tried to stand at bay. Naga was the next one to fall, overtaken by powerful strikes of the creature's tail. He died, hissing: "Be s-s-strong!" And the Immortal was. Curiously enough, he actually won by using one of his classic tricks - falling and rising again, to finish the fight by one mighty blow.

The beast kissed the dust. The mission was accomplished. The Immortal stood up, shaking his buzzing head, and went in the forest in hopes to find some small Touched, kill it and regain his vitality... And he was lucky, though not quite as he expected. Within a few feet of the clearing, he found a hole where this damned creature lived, and three eggs laying in it. It appeared that the monster had come from the Prime Zone to lay its eggs. Well, it seemed that all human sacrifices were not useless. The Keepers were able to speak any language. Even tigers, Flame Throwers (they were considered demons once) and monsteras served them in a fight.

The Immortal reported his success to the castle and handed his findings to the lord. When hatched, little Noxs drew all possible attention. In spite of their highly aggressive nature, they never attacked any mentor, probably taking them for their parents. After a little while it developed that this new species of the Touched can be a powerful weapon of Adornia - Noxs were dangerous, poisonous, clever and obedient. And pretty sensitive to Prime. So sensitive, that one day the lords decided to improve them with all the power of Prime and tried to initiate them as some kind of Heroes.

And they have become not just some kind, but true Heroes - able to resurrect again and again, powerful, dangerous and, more importantly, intelligent. Though Noxs still weren't able to speak plainly, they could recognize any human commands or reactions and remained loyal to their masters. Soon enough, new Heroes departed to the frontier, arousing fear in the enemies of Adornia.


Explosive Mutagen

Whenever the Hero deals damage with a class talent on an enemy, the toxin will explode upon the enemy, damaging every enemy around the target.

Finishing off an enemy while on your native land will restore Health to the hero (Based on Strength or Intelligence which ever is geater).


Hero moves under a specified location, tossing enemies in this area and inflicting magic damage. After learning the talent update Cocoon, the hero creates a cocoon with a certain amount of Health for several seconds (based on Strength or Intelligence whicever is greater). Reusing the Fissure talent moves the hero back the cocoon if it is not destroyed.

Defensive Slaps

If the hero does not take damage for a few seconds, the hero begins to build up a defense that absorbs a percentage of damage, but not more than a certain value (based on Strength). If the armor is broken the hero gaines increased movement speed. When Forged Presence talent is learned, slabs gain another capacity: the ability to slow down nearby enemies while it's active.

Aggressive Assault

The next attacks from the hero hit twice and additionally steal Health (based on Strength) for each attack. After learning the Suppressing Rush talent, the number of double attacks increases. Each attack reduces the targets Will (based on Intelligence) for a few seconds. The Will lowering effect stacks up to several times.

While on native land the Health stealing effect is further increased (based on Strength).

Toxic Emission

The Hero gains the ability to move to a target and inflict a large amount of magic damage upon the enemy with a poisonous sting, spending toxicity charges. Toxicity charges are gaines over time. The total number of charges may not be more than 3. After learning the Toxin Replenishment talent, the target is stunned for a few seconds and the hero gaines toxicity charges for each enemy that is killed or for a supporting kill, but not more than 1 charge every 30 seconds. 

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