It's hard to live the life of an outcast. Her father was a Dokht soldier who raped the first Adornian woman he could find during the border skirmishes. Her mother died giving birth to her. The girl was raised by her grandfather. He was also the one who named her after an ancient deity that had long been forgotten in the Era of Prime. Moira was always quiet and reserved. A fair, freckled strawberry blond, she looked drastically different from the colorful, suntanned inhabitants of the Adornian village. She was a walking reminder of a shameful defeat. She was a foreigner among her own people.

She had only one friend in the whole world—a small black kitten she had rescued from a pack of dogs. No one expected the little girl to grab a broomstick and rush into the middle of a pack of enraged dogs. By the time the adults figured out what was going on, two dogs were yelping on the ground with broken bones, and the rest of the pack was running away with their tails between their legs. Moira nursed the kitten back to health, feeding it by hand, applying herbal compresses, and giving it medicinal decoctions. The little ball of black fluff survived and became the girl’s best friend. Since then, she was no longer alone. Although the inhabitants of the village continued to view the girl as an outsider, after the incident with the dogs she gained a new level of respect in their eyes. They started asking her to make healing potions for them and even began saying that she had the power of a true Priestess hero inside her.

But a peaceful life is a luxury that a border village cannot long afford. One day a squad of Imperium mercenaries once again attacked the village. It wasn't the first time the Keepers were fighting for their lives, but the skilled soldiers were still overpowering them. One of them, a huge red-haired Dokht, was crushing everything with his sword left and right. It was Highlander, an Imperium hero. It seemed that nothing and no one could stop him, when suddenly a dark shadow rushed straight at his face. Moira’s cat, frightened by what was going on around him, decided to attack the most dangerous enemy. The hero hesitated, if only for a moment, but it was long enough for the Keepers to attack him with pitchforks and swords. The giant shuddered and fell... But the Keepers' triumph didn't last long. A few seconds later, a shockwave tossed everyone in the area to the ground. Highlander rose to his feet as if nothing had happened. “You dirty little beast!” yelled the hero, grabbing the cat by the scruff of the neck and tossing him right into the window of a burning building. “Nooooo!” screamed someone behind him. It was Moira. Pale, with tangled hair and broomstick in hand, she screamed “I curse you!” and rushed the stunned hero. She forced the Highlander into the same burning building, but, thanks to her forward momentum, she ended up falling into the building herself just as the roof collapsed. The Imperium soldiers were so stunned by the loss of their leader that they scattered in fear.

Several days later, while the villagers were clearing out the debris, something suddenly flew out from underneath the remnants of the house with a whistle and a crash. It was Moira. But she had been transformed! Her skin had become as smooth and beautiful as pink marble, and her once-orange hair was now the color of blood. She sat atop her favorite broomstick, and an odd, smoky creature was flying around her. Upon closer examination, the creature mostly resembled a cat. After her death, she had absorbed the Prime of the fallen Highlander and became a hero herself. Her cat became her familiar. And so the Imperium hero accidentally gave Moira a secondchance at life...

She chose to serve the Adornian lord so she could protect the simple folk of Adornia, one of which she had so recently been. Later, rumors began to spread that other heroines similar to Moira had appeared. In honor of the very first hero, they were all called Moiras.


Curse of the Witch

Enemies damaged by the hero's attacks and class talents take extra damage for the next few seconds. Attacks on cursed targets from Native Terrain steal Energy from the target (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater).


The familiar attacks the selected enemy, then proceeds to the next closest enemy, and so on. Enemies attacked by the Familiar take physical damage for several seconds. If there are no enemies in the vicinity of the target, or if the talent is used against the caster herself, the familiar returns to the hero. Once the character acquires the Insatiable Curiosity talent, the familiar becomes able to inflict additional physical damage over time, provide increased visibility, and fly further away from the hero.


The hero’s speed increases for several seconds, and she becomes immune to control effects. Using the talent again within a short period of time costs more Energy than it did the first time. Once Moira acquires the Trail of Horror talent, whenever she uses the Turbomagic talent (which costs the same as before), she briefly leaves a trail behind her that causes enemies who enter it to panic for several seconds.

Energy Emission

While the talent is active, the hero’s attacks deal additional physical damage and consume Energy. Once the character acquires the Beyond the Pale talent, each attack increases the hero’s Agility for several seconds (based on Intellect). The effect is cumulative when used multiple times.

Curse of Fragility

The amount of damage inflicted on the target enemy is increased based on his or her current and maximum health until the total additional damage reaches a particular value (equal to Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater). Once the character acquires the Horrible Curse talent, the target of Curse of Fragility will panic for several seconds and take even more damage.


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