Картинка героя

The path of understanding forbidden knowledge can be very long. And only for those who have something worth bleeding and dying for can it be a stepping stone to resplendent heights of wisdom and power.

However, one day the young Dokht lieutenant was transformed into a chicken by one of the Keepers' magicians. The soldiers carried their bewitched comrade from the field of battle, but nobody in the Imperium could help him. The warrior's father, a famous scientist, struggled for days and nights to find a solution for the problem, but traditional science lacked the necessary understanding. In despair, he decided to resort to ancient knowledge, which the pragmatic Dokhts had always considered to be backward quackery.

Eventually, the scientist discovered a great number of strange, and occasionally frightening, secrets. He learned how to fling balls of fire at enemies and create energy barriers. He even developed his own technique for summoning demons. However, a long time passed before he found a way to break the spell on his son. But an incantation taken from decayed pages proved insufficient on its own. Something more was required, another ingredient that would give true power to the forgotten magic. And the scientist discovered it in the region from which he had fled: without flinching, he gulped down a vial of Prime concentrate mixed with quicksilver and sulfur. Then he recited the words of the ancient incantation once more.

The greatly increased magical power returned the courageous lieutenant to his previous form, but his father was not the same. Choosing as his Catalyst the vial that had turned his life upside down, the new hero founded a school of scientific magic and wrote the first textbook for his future followers. Nowadays many Imperium heroes study lethal battle spells in order to use this dangerous knowledge boldly in open battle.


Enchanted Tome

Talents cannot be interrupted by moving or exceeding the distance to target.

Fire Flail

The hero creates a ball of fire and throws it at the enemy, dealing damage to the selected area, with extra damage dealt to enemies caught at the epicenter of the explosion. The Fire Flail also destroys trees. When used from Native Terrain, the area of effect increases. Once the upgrading Conflagration talent has been learned, enemies caught at the epicenter of the explosion will continue taking physical damage for several seconds.


The selected enemy temporarily transforms into a chicken and cannot attack or activate any talents. The enemy also moves more slowly and takes physical damage for several seconds. Once the Magical Force talent has been learned, damage dealt to the enemy during transformation increases, and the hero who kills the enemy in chicken form has some Health and Energy restored.

Energy Barrier

A small ring appears in the selected area for several seconds. Enemies who enter the ring for the first time will be stunned temporarily. Enemy's Health regeneration will also be slowed if they are caught within the barrier on Hero’s Native Terrain. Once the Tremors talent has been learned, enemy heroes caught within the barrier take physical damage.

Summon a Demon

The hero summons a mighty ally—a Demon. The more Strength the hero has, the stronger the attacks of the summoned creature. Once the Demon Blaze upgrading talent has been learned, all enemies near the Demon take damage from magical flames. When used from Native Terrain, the arrival of the Demon deals damage to all surrounding enemies.


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