Blade Master


Bizarre creatures with human torsos and serpents’ tails first appeared in the Prime Zone after some sort of disaster; the Dokht scientists believe it was the Cataclysm that gave birth to these four-armed beings, but some of the old-timers recall how even as children they had been frightened by legends of the terrible nagas.

A call of alarm once drove a young naga away from his native tribe. He soon found himself in the lands of the tailless, those who have conquered metal, stone, and Prime. It was there that he saw people with such unbelievable skills in battle that he was immediately consumed with a desire to cross all four of his swords with them.

He slithered to the gladiator arena, where restless fighters who longed for battle met, and, to the joy of the spectators, bled out their souls in exciting duels. There, he issued a challenge to all of the heroes. Those present were shaken by the warrior's impudence and fearlessness; some even thought that the challenge was a joke. But the snake-man insisted so vehemently that four enraged Dokht heroes stepped onto the sand, which had absorbed the Prime of past duels.

Legends of that battle continue to be told to this day. Indeed, the naga could not be conquered. He survived and even seriously wounded all of his opponents. The lords sitting among the spectators eagerly invited the hero to join their armed forces, but the naga remained in the arena—his only interests at the time were battle and triumph.

The snake-man gained great fame over his years of close combat. In time, the four-armed hero's appearances ceased to be strange to the Dokhts. More and more nagas began to appear in the cities of the Imperium. Surprisingly, heroes were often born among their tribes.

When the war began, all of the naga warriors received orders to fight for the Imperium. Not one failed to show: handing over to the lords their carefully preserved Catalysts—ivory amulets given to them at their coming of age—the four-armed warriors were sent into the heat of the fiercest battles.


Snake's Speed

The hero has an increased chance of dodging enemy attacks.

Deadly Dash

The hero charges forward, dealing damage to any opponents he encounters. The hero's Strength is increased when this talent is used on Native Terrain. After the hero has studied the Venom Swelter talent, the attack that follows the throw will poison the enemy.

Insidious Poison

Each enemy who has suffered a successful attack feels the effects of poison, which reduces Cunning. The greater the hero's Will, the stronger the effect of the poison. After the hero has studied the Paralyzing Blows talent, any enemy poisoned several times has his Speed greatly decreased.

Thousand Blades

When counterattacking, the hero's next blow may strike all nearby enemies. After studying the Battle Trance talent, the hero increases his chance of dodging after using the Thousand Blades talent.

Hypnotic Taunt

The hero forces all nearby opponents to attack him for a short time. In addition, the hero's chance of dodging all enemy attacks increases for an even longer period of time. The range of this hypnosis increases when this talent is used on Native Terrain.

Enchanted Blades

Each of the hero's attacks deals additional magic damage and steals the opponent's Health.


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