For ages his clan had ruled their own lands, but the world they knew was swept away by the Cataclysm. The borders of all the domains laying within the new Imperium were redrawn to encompass Prime deposits, and what was once an independent province became the backwater of a large domain.

A few decades later, a young Lord arrived to meet his new subjects. He was shown every courtesy—during the day, that is. When night fell, the Master of the Tower, the last scion of the ancient Scarlet Rose clan, attacked him with curses, yelling, “I shall not suffer subservience to any Imperium!” The Lord’s faithful heroes managed to subdue the attacker, but the Lord himself was nevertheless amazed by the Master's sheer power and awesome swordsmanship—it is rare indeed for a mere human to stand against two heroes.

“You have rebelled against Imperial authority and deserve to die, but I shall give you a final chance: drink a chalice of Prime, and you may be rewarded with a new life instead of death,” said the young Dokht lord to his captive.

Thus from Prime arose Vampire, a hero thirsting for the blood and vitality of his foes. The Scarlet Rose, the symbol of his ancient clan, now eases the suffering of the Dokht Imperium's many enemies by cutting their earthly existence short with the Bloody Slash of its owner’s rapier. The Vampire uses the Blood Ritual to restore his vitality, consuming the blood of his foes before disappearing into the gloom.


Unquenchable Thirst

The hero's Health is restored based on the amount of damage dealt by his attacks and class talents, but he uses Health instead of Energy to activate them. The hero's Health is increased based on his maximum Energy. When used on Native Terrain, class talents consume less Health.

Bloody Slash

Deals magic damage to the target while restoring the hero's Health (based on Intellect) if the Bloody Slash kills the target. When used on Native Terrain, it first reduces the target's Stamina or Will (based on the hero's Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater) for several seconds. Once the Deep Cut talent has been learned, the skill deals more physical damage to the target and restores more Health if the Bloody Slash kills the target.

Scarlet Rose

The hero throws a scarlet rose, dealing magic damage to all enemies in its path. Once the Engulfing Shimmer talent has been learned, the last enemy hero touched by the rose is tagged, allowing the hero to use the talent again to immobilize the target and move behind him.

Concealing Darkness

For several seconds, creates a field within which the hero is invisible, but enemies take damage every second. Attacks or talents used by the hero will cancel the invisibility effect for a short time. Once the Armor of Darkness talent has been learned, the hero takes less damage within the field.

Blood Ritual

Stuns an enemy hero and deals significant damage over several seconds. Once The Final Drop talent has been learned, the hero becomes immune to controlling effects for several seconds after successfully using Blood Ritual. If the skill is interrupted while in use, all negative effects are removed, and the hero gains immunity to control for an even greater period of time.


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