There was once a young zoologist, famous for his detailed descriptions of the rare and dangerous creatures he found in the Prime Zone, a turquoise scar left on the face of Praia by the Cataclysm. The scientist was unafraid of monsters and of the Prime anomaly, which was changing nature itself. Many creatures he had personally discovered; others he repeatedly observed, though at arm's length. That vicious region had long since become familiar to him.

But there are creatures in this world far more dangerous than the Odd: humans. An Adornian expeditionary force captured the scientist. The zoologist found himself in captivity, sharing his knowledge to keep himself alive. Indeed, the other side always wanted to know as much as possible about the Odd. But the prison walls could not hold him for long, and he soon escaped.

The scientist wove through the most dangerous areas of the Prime Zone, hoping his pursuers would lose his trail. In the end, weakened by hunger, the fugitive lost his own way. In the torturous disaster zone, a place it seemed he had known by heart, he disappeared without a trace. The years of endless wandering drove the scientist insane, distorting the world in his mind. He learned to control the growth of trees. Bears shared their skins with him, and birds and plant roots became his weapons.

For thirty long years he roamed the Prime Zone, but he never met another soul. When he finally made contact with people once more, he found out that, to them, he had only been gone for one year. Scientists suggested that the zoologist had been trapped in a space-time anomaly and welcomed the hero with honor.

Because of his wisdom and his connection with nature, they consider him a witch doctor. But he knows no magic, just much knowledge and experience. The Woodsman's Catalyst, a sprouted cedar seed, proves that he is master of even the most amazing wonders of the forest. Much time has passed, but the sprout is still fresh and green.


Forest Magic

If the hero is located near a tree, his skills use less Energy.

Roots of Evil

The hero commands tree roots to come from the ground in the specified location and deal magic damage to his enemies. When used on the Native Terrain, Roots of Evil slow the affected enemy's Health regeneration. After the hero learns the Woe to the Weak talent, those under the Crow's Eye Curse or affected by the Wicked Tree take much more damage from Roots of Evil.

Raging Skin

If the enemy decides to attack the hero, Raging Skin strikes him with its paw. The victim suffers damage and is knocked away from the hero in a daze. After the hero learns Ghostly Hunger, the hero's attacks steal Health from enemy heroes if the Raging Skin ability is charged.

Crow's Eye Curse

The hero sends his crow after the enemy. The crow circles over the enemy for a long time, inflicting damage every few seconds. It also disperses the fog of war around the enemy, preventing its victim from hiding. After the hero learns Dark Enchantment, the crow's attacks have a chance of blinding the enemy.

Wicked Tree

The hero creates a magical Wicked Tree, which seems very ordinary, until an enemy gets close. As soon as the enemy approaches the Wicked Tree attacks its prey, attempting to grab it. If it succeeds, the Wicked Tree will hold the enemy until it dies or until a nearby allied Wicked Tree dies. If a Wicked Tree dies, then all other nearby Wicked Trees created by the hero (or allied heroes) become frightened and cease working for a set period of time. If one of these scared Wicked Trees is holding someone, it releases him or her. On the Native Terrain the Wicked Tree burns the captured enemy's Energy (in proportion to the tree's Strength). After the hero learns Otik's Call, his Health, Strength, or Intellect (whichever is the highest) boosts the Wicked Tree. The hero can only create a limited number of Wicked Trees.


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