Frog Whisperer


It was fall, maybe even winter, but work at the milling machine was torturing the young fellow. He cursed it all, insulted the foreman, and left to travel wherever he wished. He ended up in a laboratory researching the Odd. In the laboratory the kind eyes of a well-fed, HUGE POISONOUS FROG looked out at him from its luxurious, heated cage. The two became instant friends. Inseparable friends.

Everything was fine. The young man cleaned the tank and conducted some harmless experiments. But then a gang of rough Adornian teens burst into the city. They overturned urns, smashed windows, and caused a general ruckus. It so happened that an accurately thrown stone found its mark on our hero, who had been trying to protect the laboratory from the hooligans. Well, he wasn't a hero quite yet—but almost.

The frog came and stood over his fallen friend. It washed him with crocodile tears borrowed from a nearby aquarium and poked him with his tooth. Yes, we know that frogs don't have teeth, but this was in a secret laboratory, remember?

And the brave young lad rose a hero: he jumped onto the frog, as if onto a war horse, and they suffocated their enemies. Well, not completely—there were kids there, after all—but they choked them enough to teach them a good lesson. They saved the city and defended their homes, driving their foes away.

Since that day, the two have been inseparable. But not long ago the frog began to miss his birthplace, the Valley of Sunny Tears, located in the middle of the Kingdom of Adornia. And to get there the Dokhts must first win the war! So, they fight—for a good cause.



The hero's steed swallows a defeated enemy's body (after killing him with an auto-attack or the Smash! talent) in order to increase its maximum Health. Swallowing the opponent takes time, so this talent cannot be used more frequently than once per minute.

Get It!

The hero hurls his axe into an enemy. The attack is effective over large distances and can interrupt opponents who are powering up talents. This talent recharges more quickly on Native Terrain. After the hero learns the Got It? talent, the hatchet’s blow reduces the target's Stamina even more.


The frog shoots its sticky tongue out at its enemy, pulling him close. After the hero learns the Hold Tight! talent, the opponent will be stunned for a short time.


Squashing the enemy with an auto-attack or with the help of the Smash! talent, the hero recovers some Health. After learning the Chew Faster! talent, the hero recovers even more Health.


The hero leaps to the designated spot, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The higher the hero's maximum Health, the greater the damage. This talent's effective area increases on Native Terrain. If the hero learns Hop!, the Smash! talent will be immediately recharged if the jump kills some enemy soldiers and monsters or an enemy hero.


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