The Keepers did not know his real name, and very few have ever seen the Marksman up close. Any encounter with the Marksman was very brief: a dashing horseman suddenly appeared, skewered his target with an arrow, and vanished.

He studied for years to achieve his archery skills. Even after he became a master, he never ceased to practice, always striving for absolute perfection. His motto was “You can always do better,” a truth understood by his beloved, well-trained horse. The loyal steed could read even the briefest glances from the hero and was always a faithful comrade and friend. The rider never used spurs or straps, and his horse’s bridle was only for show.

The Marksman’s enemies dreamed of his destruction. A great bounty had been put on his head, but even the kingdom’s heroes were unable to capture him until the skilled mage they called Spellbinder stepped in. The Keepers spread a rumor of a caravan of Imperium captives about to head off to Egisar. Immediately, the Marksman saddled up his trusted Greymane and rushed to intercept the caravan. But the line of chained slaves and the guards escorting them were only a mirage. The clever Spellbinder had created an illusion, and the best archer in the Imperium flew towards the trap at a full gallop. A bottomless quagmire full of poisonous Prime fumes enveloped the great warrior. The enemies could not defeat him by force, but they won by their cunning. The Spellbinder received his well-deserved reward. But the Marksman was not dead. The Spell Trap, covered in Prime, changed him terribly, binding him to his dear horse. After a full day in the fetid swamp, he escaped, a mighty centaur filled with sorrow, hatred, and a thirst for vengeance.

In memory of his dear friend, the Marksman kept his horse’s old bridle as a Catalyst. It constantly reminds him of his loss—and of those who are to blame. A fury approaching madness rules the hero on the battlefield, but when he shoots, he never misses.



The hero’s attacks cause bleeding wounds, so that the wounded enemy continues to lose health for a few seconds after being injured. In addition, a bleeding enemy is always visible to the hero.

Enchanted Arrow

The hero shoots an Enchanted Arrow at a target, inflicting damage on the first enemy the arrow encounters. The hit lowers the target’s Health Regeneration. After the hero learns the Accurate Shot upgrade, enemies who are bleeding are dealt much more damage than usual.

Wild Call

The hero sounds his war bugle, increasing Cunning of all nearby allies. This increase in Cunning is much greater when the hero is on Native Terrain.

Rage of the Hunt

The hero greatly increases the Speed of a targeted ally for a few seconds. After the hero learns the Hunter’s Agility talent, the ally’s Agility will be increased, as well. And, after learning Passion of the Hunt, Rage of the Hunt will increase the Speed (and Agility, if Hunter’s Agility is learned) of the hero himself, too. If this talent is used on Native Terrain, its effect is increased.

Devastating Shot

The hero draws his bow and shoots an arrow in the specified direction, dealing damage to all enemies the arrow strikes during its flight. The harder the hero draws his bow, the stronger the shot. The Hurricane Trail talent increases the arrow’s range and damage.


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