An order must be completed, no matter who ordered it and why they did so. The creed of the Eraser? “Ask no questions, work quickly and cleanly, and leave no witnesses.” The Organization makes the decisions, and no one dares to question them.

This target caused him no emotional response. He did not know what his target had done to deserve his fate. Perhaps he had contacted the Keepers and sold them some Imperium technology. In any case, if the Organization selected a target, that meant their patience was up, and it was time for the target to pay for his crimes.

But someone betrayed the Eraser and warned the target of the impending attack. The executioner dropped right into a squad of bodyguards. He was outmatched and suffered severe wounds, but he managed to skewer his enemy, fulfilling his mission, before he himself fell.

The hero was brought back to life in the Organization’s secret citadel. The master of poisons, who had long aspired to leadership in the Organization, told the Eraser that the High Executioner had been bribed and had tried to save the target from his punishment. The Eraser now understood that the time for justice had come. The illusion of infallibility vanished, and the hero realized that even the most incorruptible of souls can fall. He tracked the leader down and masterfully applied his art.

From that time forth, the master of death decided that he would work to punish traitors and enemies of the Imperium, serving only a lord whom he trusted completely. A difficult task, for few trustworthy lords remained.


Killer Instinct

Talents cool down a few seconds faster after killing a soldier and even faster after killing a hero.

Insidious Throw

Deals physical damage to the first enemy in its path and slows his movement for a few seconds. After the hero learns Merciless Steel, the damage dealt by Insidious Throw is increased.

Shadow Warrior

The hero becomes invisible and moves more quickly for a few seconds. If he is on Native Terrain, this ability’s duration is increased. After the hero learns Shadow Strike, his first attack while invisible stuns the enemy. If the hero knows Vital Shadow, his Health Regeneration rate is boosted while he is invisible.

The Mark

The hero stamps his target with a The Mark for a certain period of time. For every second The Mark is active and the enemy is visible on the map, the hero’s first attack deals more damage, up to a maximum. If the hero is on Native Terrain, The Mark requires less Energy to activate. If the hero has learned Preparation, his Energy is restored more quickly as long as an enemy is stamped with The Mark.

Decisive Strike

The hero immediately moves to the target and attacks it, causing substantial magic damage (the amount of which depends on the hero’s Intellect). When used on Native Terrain, the distance the hero can move is greatly increased.


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