Night Queen


The borders of the Prime Zone, near the ancestral domain of the Odd, have always attracted scouts and trackers. The Shadow Queen was considered the best of them, despite her violent temper and trouble obeying orders. She performed brilliantly, even on the most dangerous missions.

One day, while visiting a small town, she saw a snow panther breeder about to drown a kitten in the river. The small furry creature had been born with his spots in the wrong places and did not meet official standards. The girl immediately rushed to save the kitten, but the breeder ordered his guards to stop her. A battle ensued, and the girl defended herself, trying not to cause any serious harm. The guards, however, were not so careful. In the end, they fled, but the girl was severely wounded and fell unconscious. When she awoke, she found the kitten licking her wounds.

Since that day, they have been inseparable. The warrior had always dreamed of having a true friend, but she was tough and independent and did not relate well to other people. But she and this kitten fully understood each other.

Silver grew up and became a mighty panther. In battle, his long claws and sharp fangs perfectly complement the Shadow Queen’s battle disc. An unbreakable bond has formed between them, and as long as the panther is alive, no foe can approach the girl. Silver attacks enemies and shields the heroine from swords, spears, and arrows. He guards her with such zeal that he’ll even attack allies who get carelessly close.

A new war with the Keepers prompted the Shadow Queen to fight, for a true warrior cannot keep herself away from the sounds of swords clashing and cities burning.



The heroine and her panther's maximum Health is increased. The cat receives a greater increase than the girl. As long as the panther is still alive, the heroine is invulnerable, but the cat takes most of the damage the girl would receive. If the panther dies, it will soon regenerate, next to the heroine.

Feed the Panther

The heroine places food on the ground for her panther, who immediately leaps to the heroine’s side and eats, replenishing his Health and Energy. After learning the Predator talent, the panther’s attacks drain Health from the enemy as long as Feed the Panther is ready to be used.

Slashing Throw

The heroine hurls her disc at the enemy, causing substantial damage. Her panther then violently attacks the targeted enemy for several seconds. After the girl learns Rebound, the disc bounces off of the target and strikes nearby enemies, dealing them damage as well.

Night Beast

This talent makes the panther larger and more dangerous. It will quickly stun a target wounded by a Slashing Throw. On Native Terrain, the Agility of the heroine and her panther is increased. The Tireless Hunter talent decreases the cooldown time of the heroine’s class talents and the panther's abilities.

One Blood

The heroine rides her panther and controls its movements. Moving with increased Speed, they are able to inflict significant damage on their enemies. As long as this ability is active, both the heroine and the panther are invulnerable to damage but are susceptible to various slowdown effects. Learning Blood Ties increases the duration of the One Blood ability.


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