For forty hours a week, she gave shots and applied compresses. She was strict, but her deeds helped her patients, and no one could argue with that. She nursed the most helpless and hopeless, poor souls on whom even the most experienced doctors had given up. Sometimes, though, this mediocre life bored her. She would often pace around her room, dreaming of greater things.

Be careful what you wish for. For one day, a raid by the Keepers turned the quiet hospital into a massive bonfire. She awoke stunned, overwhelmed by the pleas for help, the collapsing walls, the unbearable smoke and heat of the fire. “Save yourself!” the staff screamed, “Run!” But she would not leave the patients to die. “Go ahead and run!” she yelled back as she dashed into the burning building. She began to pull her patients and colleagues out of the fire, undaunted by the burning beams all around, unafraid of the soot and the smoke. The difficulty of the struggle only fed her resolve. She resuscitated those who had stopped breathing, quickly treated the worst wounds, and dragged patients out of danger.

When the last patient she had rescued was safe, she realized her calling. The healer joined the war effort, a place where her abilities were sorely needed.


Healer's Reward

By healing her friends, the heroine receives Prime.


Restores a certain amount of Health to the selected ally and a certain percent of this Health to the heroine. If the heroine has learned Healing Sparks, Healing heals all nearby allies. The Healing Mastery talent doubles the rate at which Healing takes effect and also increases the total amount of Health restored.

Armor of Grace

The heroine's Will and Stamina are increased.

Inspiration of Grace

The heroine gets a permanent bonus to her Intellect and Strength.

Triumph of Life

The heroine becomes invulnerable for several seconds and heals herself every few seconds. This skill is automatically activated whenever the heroine’s Health is less than a certain percent of its maximum. If the heroine has learned Total Triumph, this talent also affects all heroes with its effective range.

Land's Blessing

Used only from a Native Terrain, increases maximum health of an allied target for some time. While active, restores some of Healer’s Health every few seconds.


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