Fire Fox


They live as one, a living fire and a sharp-eyed woman merged together into the Fire Fox. As a child, her parents would comfort her by placing her cradle near her father’s melting furnace. The girl would soon fall asleep, and with her, the flame would sink into slumber as the bellows ceased and the fire died down, diminishing into a pile of spark-shooting ashes.

The fire never harmed the girl, and even the most terrible explosive mixtures became mere fireworks in her hands. It is said that she once rescued a whole weapons factory from a terrible explosion. Molten metal from an overturned mold poured towards the explosive-laden warehouse, and only this fragile girl could stop the river of molten heat. Shortly after this incident, she visited the Imperial recruiters to accept the Prime, and joked that she had come to “finally legalize her relationship with flame.”

Even as a hero, Fire Fox never took anything seriously. She liked to flirt, her hood concealing a cheerful face with a playful smile. Suitors flocked to the girl, but Fire Fox was only once ever struck by Cupid’s arrow. The dark yet graceful Prince of Thieves, an unwilling servant of the Imperium, stole her love once and for all. The fiery beauty boldly hurried to conquer the heart of this hero of the Keepers, but was rejected. Alas, the hand and heart of the prisoner belonged to another.

There is nothing worse than a woman scorned, especially one so used to being the center of attention. Fire Fox vowed revenge on the one who had dared to ignore her love. There is but a thin line between tenderness and hatred, and Fire Fox’s passionate emotions burned hotter than the flames she controlled.


Soul Harmony

Using class talents restores the heroine’s Health. If the heroine remains motionless for several seconds, she also begins to regenerate her Energy.

Wind and Sparks

The heroine sends a fiery wind in a specified direction, dealing damage to all targets in its path. After the heroine learns Deceptive Wind, the victims of the fiery wind are slowed down, as well. The Swift Wind talent will reduce the talent’s cooldown time for each target affected.


Both the heroine’s regular attacks and her special attacks ignite the target.

Cunning Fox

The heroine creates an illusion of herself which distracts her enemies while she becomes invisible for several seconds. If the heroine is on Native Terrain, she receives a Movement Speed bonus as long as she is invisible. In addition, if enemies are nearby and the heroine loses a large amount of health, Cunning Fox is activated automatically. After the heroine learns Cackling Flame, she briefly stuns all enemies around her quickly after she creates her illusion.


The heroine grows large tails, releasing bursts of flame into the sky. The flame bursts are precisely aimed and plummet onto the heads of the heroine’s enemies, dealing them damage. After learning Flame Shield, the heroine takes less damage from enemy attacks while she is using Flame-tailed. Damage from enemy attacks is reduced even further if the heroine uses Flame-tailed while on Native Terrain.


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