What makes a soldier invincible? Combat skills can be improved by rigorous training, but there are some things training cannot teach you, like love for your Homeland. The Brawler’s father taught him one thing above all: there is nothing more important than the great Dokht Imperium! And so, since the beginning of his military career, this young man has been willing to sacrifice his life for his homeland.

He started out as a rank-and-file soldier, fighting in the undeclared war against the Odd, where his combat record remains the envy of many. But despite his fanatical courage and military skill, the feats of the Brawler were still inferior to the epic deeds done by true heroes of the Prime. He was not jealous, for he had only one wish: to serve his country as best he could. So, when his superiors requested volunteers for a series of dangerous experiments, he was the first to step forward.

The Dokht scientists were attempting to create heroes artificially, turning ordinary soldiers into immortal warriors. In the experiment, a special Prime mixture was introduced into the subject’s blood. The consequences were swift and terrible: the unfortunate subjects perished, one after the other. Only the Brawler survived the procedures, though they were long, hard days filled with suffering. The soldier was reborn, becoming the fighter he had always dreamed of being.

He still trains with ordinary soldiers and does not believe much has changed in his life. But his Catalyst, a faithful bayonet which the Brawler once used to hack through both thickets and enemy hordes, now rests in the Lord’s vault, for the Brawler no longer needs a weapon. With his bare hands, he crushes all who dare to defy the Imperium. For the Great Imperium Army!



Every sixth time damage is inflicted by an attack or one of the hero’s class talents, a lot of additional magic damage is inflicted as well.

First of Fury

When this talent is activated, the hero’s next attack will inflict physical damage and hurl the enemy into the air. This damage is greater when the hero is on Native Terrain. After the hero learns Iron Fist, Fist of Fury will also stun enemies for a short time.

Shooting Star

The hero launches a kick at the targeted enemy, inflicting damage. This talent recharges much more quickly when the hero is on Native Terrain. After the hero learns Resistance Is Futile, Shooting Star also stuns the target for a short time. If the enemy is already stunned, the kick deals double damage.


The hero regains some health when he inflicts damage using his class talents. After learning Pain Tolerance, the hero recovers an additional percent of the Health he has lost.

Black Tornado

The hero spins rapidly for a short time, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. During this talent’s duration, control abilities have no effect on the hero. After the hero learns Wild Whirlwind, his Movement Speed during Black Tornado is increased.


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