In the ancient chronicles, one can read the beautiful tale of the Seeing Swords, weapons only the most powerful and courageous warriors could wield. Their blades were indestructible and enchanted with unique personalities selected by their owners. The weapons’ strength matched the skill of their bearers. These great heroes of the past were reportedly invincible.

But time erases the memory of even the greatest feats. For many years, no one has spoken of the “living” swords, and the secret of their origin has remained a mystery.

And yet the unusual weapons returned to the people: just before the start of the war, a mighty warrior descended from the mountains, armed with one of the Seeing Swords. The broad-shouldered, fire-haired giant would not give his name but claimed that he was born of an ancient mountain clan.

Highlander gave his catalyst to the lord: a whetstone, with which he lovingly smoothes his sword during the rare times of respite between battles, discussing his slain enemies with his beloved weapon. The warrior speaks more with his sword than with other people, and only by piecing together some scattered hints can his story be determined. The bearer of another Seeing Sword entered Highlander’s home at night and summoned to battle the head of the family, keeper of the ancient weapon. By the time the guards arrived, the battle was over and the intruder had fled.

Highlander’s father lay mortally wounded. He died in his son’s arms, and the boy took up his father’s sword and swore to track down the killer. Now vengeance will ever be on the edge of his sword, until it is sated with the blood of that vile murderer.


Power Absorption

When an enemy hero dies nearby, the hero’s Health is restored and permanently increased.

Hero Strike

The hero becomes invulnerable and wounds multiple enemies (the damage depends on the hero’s Agility). After the hero learns the Worthy Opponent talent, any enemy character affected by Hero Strike will be stunned. After the hero learns Whirl of Steel, Hero Strike will slow enemies down.

Battle Hunger

Each blow inflicted by the hero increases his Agility. This effect stacks with repeated use of this talent. When used on Native Terrain, this talent also increases the amount of life stolen from opponents by the hero. After the hero learns Concentrated Fury, the hero’s Speed is increased when the maximum amount of Battle Hunger is reached. When Battle Hunger is reduced, the hero’s Speed will return to its original value.

Bloody Massacre

When an ally or enemy dies nearby, the hero’s Health is restored. After the hero learns the Blood Rage talent, Bloody Massacre also increases the hero’s Stamina and Will when his Health is reduced.

Immortal Spirit

When he dies, the hero becomes an invincible spirit as long as he has enough Energy. When he is reborn, he inflicts damage on nearby enemies. The amount of damage depends on the hero’s maximum Health. Also, when he is reborn, some of the hero’s Health is restored. This effect restores more Health when the hero is on Native Terrain.


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