In a troubled border settlement, who has any need for a lonely orphan? They all drove her from their doorsteps. Only a retired mentor was kind enough to promise to help the poor thing. But even such an experienced teacher as he was failed to uncover her heroic instincts and unusual abilities.

But the girl’s unexpected patron would not give up. He decided to train her himself, and he immediately saw that the Call of the Prime would make her famous. The mentor procured a mysterious fan, a strange artifact which no one was able to control. At first, nothing happened. The poor orphans frequent mood changes prevented her from focusing. But the mentor assured her that sooner or later, she would succeed.

When the Keepers’ raiding party stormed the town, the girl was confused, at first. But, remembering the trust her teacher had placed in her, she waved her fan, and an invisible veil suddenly appeared, hiding the settlement’s residents from the ruthless invaders. But she was unable to save the man who was dearest to her: the mentor had led the fight on the walls and was captured. They tortured him to learn how the people had disappeared, but he said nothing.

When the enemy retreated, the girl removed her protective veil and quietly slipped out of the village. The sad, silent beauty vowed that never again would anyone whom she cared for die because of her. She would protect everyone she could. They say that she then came before the lord and demanded that she be allowed to serve him.

She became a stealthy shadow among heroes, one who protects her allies and ruthlessly destroys her enemies.



The heroine becomes invisible when not dealing damage or if her Health drops below a certain point.

Magic Fan

The heroine throws a fan at the target, dealing magic damage. When the heroine is on Native Terrain, this attack also lowers the opponent’s Stamina. After the heroine learns Sweeping Fan, the attack throws the target back and deals additional physical damage. The closer the enemy is to the heroine when she attacks, the more damage he will receive from the Fan and the further he will be thrown back.

Shadow Protection

The target is covered with a protective Cover, making it invisible. After the heroine learns Gift of the Veil, heroes under the Cover receive more Prime for enemies slain nearby. After the heroine learns Surprise Attack, targets underneath the Cover receive increased Strength, Will, Intellect, and Stamina. When this talent is used on Native Terrain, the target receives a small bonus to his Movement Speed.

Invisible Help

All allied heroes who are close to the heroine have their Intellect and Strength increased. The Limitless talent boosts this effect, increasing the Intellect and Strength of all allied heroes regardless of their distance from the heroine.

Dance of the Fans

The heroine throws several magic fans at nearby enemies, inflicting magic damage. When the heroine is on Native Terrain, this attack also lowers the attacking opponents’ Stamina for a time. After the heroine learns Sweeping Fan, the fans throw enemies back when they attack and deal more damage to them than usual. The closer the enemy is, the farther he is thrown back from the heroine and the greater the damage he receives.


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