Lightning Master


Taming lightning is one of science’s greatest challenges! This persistent researcher refused to succumb to the ridicule and warnings of his colleagues. When lightning melted the earth right beside him, the Lightning Master merely laughed. His lab burned to the ground twice, but he did not give up. Each time, he immediately began rebuilding it. Even the call of the Prime could not distract him from his objective.

His design talents helped him produce an electric glove, the Hand of Thunder, which was capable of accumulating the power of thousands of lightning bolts. Using it, the Lightning Master hoped to power a flying machine. But during one of his experiments, such a powerful blast of lightning hit that the Hand of Thunder could not contain its energy, and the fearless experimenter was burned to the ground in a rage of heavenly flame.

The scientist perished, but from the ashes of his experiment, a new hero was born when rescuers found the scorched glove, which became his Catalyst. He could effortlessly harness the power of thunderstorms and send sizzling flashes of ball lightning surging from his fingertips. As adventurous as he was before, the new Lightning Master feared nothing and was one of the first to fight in the war. All of his life, he had been taught that the Keepers were the eternal enemies of the Empire. Now, it was up to him to crush them.

During battle, he hovers over his enemies’ heads, zapping them with bolts of lightning. Even the most fearless warriors retreat in disarray at the sound of his thunderous laughter roaring from the clouds. They know that this reckless storm rider borders on insanity. At any moment, lightning could come crashing down on them.


Chain Lightning

Using any talent adds the Thunder and Lightning effect to the hero, increasing the usual attack power of his chain lightning. With repeated use of the talent, the effect is multiplied, increasing the number of targets damaged. Over time, the effect becomes weaker and deals less damage.


The hero hurls his hammer at the enemy, inflicting damage. After the hero learns the Electric Shock talent, the hammer strike stuns the target, lowering his Speed.

Lightning Bolt

The hero launches a ball of lightning with a limited range. Once it hits its target, it explodes, inflicting damage. If the Lightning Bolt explodes on Native Terrain, it also damages enemies near the target.


For a few seconds, the hero damages enemies behind him when he moves. After the hero learns Lightning Speed, he receives a bonus to his movement speed whenever he uses Overload.

Rage of the Skies

This ability strikes all enemy characters on the map with lightning, inflicting great amounts of damage. If the enemies are located on the hero’s Native Terrain, the lightning strikes slow them down.
After the hero learns the Storm's Fury talent, this talent deals additional damage.


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