It’s said that there is a Field Marshal’s baton in every soldier’s knapsack. Well, the Warlord is a perfect example of this. He started off as an ordinary soldier, but soon began forging his own path, showing himself to be the very incarnation of courage and perseverance. He was always the last man left on the battlefield—retreat was never an option. During the First War, the Warlord earned a reputation as a deadly swordsman. After the armistice was signed, as a mere field officer, he successfully led daring raids against monsters. It was he who brought an entire company through the treacherous Cloud Pass, leading a successful surprise attack against the monsters and freeing the settlers’ camp from their grasp. For this heroic deed, the Emperor awarded the Warlord with a personal banner of his own. He takes it with him wherever he goes, to remind himself of the true bravery that lives inside him.

The Warlord does not put much faith in tactical games and relies more on fierce attacks, his two-handed mace, and his comrades in arms. His years of combat have taken their toll: he’s not as quick as he used to be, but his powerful blows and unshakable spirit remain. In the heat of battle, when the enemy is pressing in from all sides and all seems lost, this great warrior rises and leads his warriors into the fray.

After each battle, the Warlord’s orderly weaves a braid into the Warlord’s beard for each dozen of his enemies that was slain, tying the braids with ribbons from captured enemy banners. The military code of honor requires that the enemy, before he dies, must know who defeated him.



Each nearby ally increases the hero’s Stamina and Will. On Native Terrain, the hero’s Strength is increased, as well.

Warchief's Strike

The hero hits all of the enemies in front of him. After the hero learns Crushing Blow, his Warchief's Strike also lowers enemies’ Fortitude for several seconds.


The hero charges at his enemy, stunning him and inflicting serious damage. On Native Terrain, this damage is much greater.

After learning Battle Spirit, nearby allied soldiers will join the Warlord’s attacks. All of those allies will also receive a temporary bonus to their Speed and Agility.

Charmed Plate

For a certain period of time, all nearby allies receive magical protection which inflicts magic damage to any enemies who attack them. After learning Robust Plate, the hero’s charmed armor will reduce any damage he receives.

Sacred Banner

The hero can plant his banner in the ground, increasing the maximum Health of all nearby allies. The land around the banner becomes Native Terrain. When using this talent on Native Terrain, the hero also increases the Agility of all allies near the banner.

After learning Last Stronghold, the effect from the banner (besides all those mentioned above) also heals heroes and soldiers.


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