He is more then a support: Fanatic is also dangerous in one-on-one combat, being able to teleport himself from place to place and lay down a hail of ritual strikes upon his enemies.



Fanatic's Talents

Ritual strike

Deals 120-1058 damage (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater) to enemies in front of the Hero, distributing evenly among the targets.



When 3 sec. are up, the selected allied hero recovers Health equal to the damage taken during the period, but no more than 300-2175 (based on Intellect).


When used on native terrain, all negative effects are removed from the target.


Leap of Faith

The Hero moves to the selected location and for the next 4 sec. can use the talent again to go back.


When Leap of Faith is used, the Hero uses Ritual Strike on the nearest available target.


Sacred Vengeancer

For 5 sec. 75% of the damage received by the target allied heroes, but no more than 320-2820 total (based on Intellect), is dealed to the source of the damage as well.



Righteous One’s Reward

For 7 sec., this talent takes away 50% of the target enemy’s Health, but no more than 320-2820 (based on Strength).




The Hero's attacks reduce the current cooldown time of all class talents by 0.5 sec.






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