Plague Doctor


Plague Doctor's Talents


The Doctor visited the centers of painful defeats because of what his raincoat has literally become impregnated with poisonous evaporations. And now the passive ability of the Hero poisons his opponents and causes a periodic loss — of course after they get under influence of one of the destructive abilities of the Doctor.


Bubonic Plague

Using the first active ability, Hero causes a plague outgrowth directly under the opponents’ legs. Blowing up after a while, the bubo causes a loss to all enemies who haven't managed to leave his area of coverage.


Improvement of the ability allows the Doctor to call two buboes during a short period.

Heart attack

Doctor’s second active ability allows him to deal more damage to previously poisoned enemies. Applying this ability, Hero deals more damage to all poisoned enemies.


The learned improvement of ability also allows the Doctor to deafen the opponents.

Panic attack

Can anyone remain calm when he sees this frightening mask in front of his face?


Hero’s third active ability brings opponents into the real panic and forces them to move randomly for some time.


Nevertheless, studying of a dreadful disease has taught the Doctor not only to deal damage, but also to treat wounds of those whom he is ready to recognize as allies.


By means of the second passive ability, Hero can help the most weakened ally, - of course if he is not too far. When dealing damage by means of abilities or attacks, the Doctor restores Health to the ally or to himself - depending on the loss caused. If the Doctor is on Native Terrain, the amount of restored Health will be a little more.



The ultimate ability of Plague Doctor dims the area around him with poisonous and dense fog. When enemies enter the foggy area, they get under the poisoning effect of Ptomaine, their radius decreases, and the chance of a miss increases.


The improved ability also lowers the greatest of Stamina and Will of the Doctor's opponents.

New Skin!

Pestilence, Plague Doctor’s friend is ready to serve those Lords and Ladies who are brave enough to hire him. Are you brave? If yes, hurry up!



Original Hero: Plague Doctor
Price: 69 gold


Meet Plague Doctor in your Castles! And… don’t get sick!

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