He remembered how those strange people were coming to him. They came to take shelter from the heat in the shadow of a sprawling crown, to play ball, or just train, or meet their lovers - oh, how many people were attracted by a powerful tree. In spite of all laws of nature, it grew through the pavement, next to the battle tower. He liked to watch them, of course, as much as the term "like" is applicable to the feelings of a tree.

Then something happened. He could not explain what exactly. In his perception of the world there was nothing to compare the incident with. Maybe with a spring downpour? But the drops were too strange – burning and shining. They were unpleasant: they were hauling off the leaves, destroying hollows and scared fluffy squirrels.

However, it did not really bother it – it was a grownup tree. It was difficult to damage it.

But unfortunately people have left the habitable areas after this ... Cataclysm? And the water that it drank with his roots became different - a bit burning and awakening previously unknown desires.

The time passed by.

People returned to the abandoned lands. Instead of a peaceful and serene life, they brought war and destruction. The fellows of the mighty tree suffered in the fire of battles. One day a battle erupted right under the tree. The air was saturated with the fury and spoken spells. The Heroes were fighting for the tower near the tree.

The battle lasted until one of the spells struck the tower, caused the rain of splinters from the hit and buried a mighty tree. The last thing the tree remembered before the end of his past life were the streams of shining turquoise light, connecting Him with the wreckage of the Doctors Tower.

Oaksmasher's Talents

Power of Wood

Power is in the Unity! Passive talent of the Hero perfectly describes this expression. The Strength or Intellect (whichever is greater) of all nearby allied heroes is increased.  


When used on Native Terrain, the greatest of Strength and Intellect additionally increases.

Monster Strike

The first Hero’s talent is also passive. His next attack deals an additional damage to the enemy. No wonder he has such a huge hand full of Prime and Dokt tower!


The upgrade of the talent will not only deal an additional damage but will also slow the enemy.

Wind Whistle

The second talent speeds up the Hero, he becomes immune to control effects.


With the first attack during the talent’s duration, the hero throws the target, deals damage and stuns them.

Dense Thorns

Oaksmasher is very good at dealing with flora both regular and changed with Prime. The third Hero’s talent helps him to build a wall in front of the enemy!


Mighty Shock

Ultimate talent will shake all enemies around.


A strike that deals damage to nearby enemy heroes. Total damage increases for each target. The damage is split equally between the targets. Native Terrain appears around the hero.

Oak Forest’s Aid

And that is not all! Oaksmasher may get help during the battle from his forest “brothers and sisters”.


Restores Health every 20 sec. Approaching a tree, the hero destroys it and restores Health to himself (based on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater).

Meet powerful Oaksmasher in your Castles and take care of your Towers. He likes them!

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