From the forests side, waddling from side to side, hurried a funny and unusual assistant towards the shooters - a brown bear. Faithful friend and comrade - so have soldiers called a smart bear - he put a box of ammunition on the ground and stood on all fours.

— This is the last, isn't it, my friend? - A man patted the comrade between his ears. - Well, maybe we'll hold a little bit longer, it's said that fighting on a native terrain makes us stronger...
— Commander! - a soldier ran to the tired man - they are retreating!

The steel traps, someone put traps and they worked! The man nodded, letting the courier go. Yes, the idea of ​​traps has been extremely successful - caught in the teeth of steel, an ordered formation of the opponent simply fell apart.

The most distant place from the checkpoint - is a goal number one for any intruders. Yes, the enemy gave up and was scared, but everyone knew for sure - maybe in an hour or two - and the enemy will attack again. This short pause should be used wisely. Someone asleep, leaned against a tree, someone is bandaging his wounds. Technicians inspect weapons and combat systems. And for the commander this lull in fighting is a good opportunity to assess the changed balance of power and raise the morale of the soldiers.

He climbed the hill to look around. But before he could make a few steps and raised his rifle, he felt an unusual warmth under a leather jacket just under his reward of valour - a red spot has begun to spread under the combat leader identification sign. The sound of the shot rolled later, as if it was made from a distance...

Enemy sniper managed to hide himself well and waited for exactly the moment when the shot will accurately hit the target.

Shouting, noise, and volleys of weapons, suddenly pierced the ringing silence and came to S.Putnik from afar.

Gently overturned on his back, he felt only the heat radiating from the heart throughout the body, and saw how there a few leaves falling from a birch tree.

"Autumn will come soon ... That's it - he thought - just like in his dreams - he died defending his country ..."

Roar of a soldier, who rushed into attack, raised the other soldiers. Following the bear, as an indomitable avalanche they swooped down on the enemy.

Just in a few minutes, the enemy was completely destroyed. The enemies thought, that having lost the commander, the soldiers will lose their morale, wasn't justified. And certainly it was more difficult to assume that bear on the battlefield could do such deeds! Already three bullets entered his head, all sides were covered with bright red blood from the deep sword and ax, but he threw himself upon towards the enemy.

Put enemy to a flight, the bear and the soldiers returned to their commander. Bear Comrade layed down next to his friend. Everyone understood, that all that remains is to give the last honors to the defenders of homeland.

A few leaves quietly planned down from the birch… As soon as they have touched the wounded bodies, a turquoise glow started to break out of the earth. For a few minutes it completely enveloped the hill, soldiers and their weapons.

The soldiers were unable see such a bright light, they turned away, covering their eyes. But a silhouette of a girl in the glow.

Only the wind carried her words: "How do you like your home land, so it loves you ..."

Radiance extinguished almost immediately. Missed and getting rid of the circles under their eyes, the soldiers saw that on the ground there were left only a rifle and the reward of valour stained in blood.

That, what happened just on the eyes of the soldiers, prompted them to think that their commander was reborn as a mighty hero. Picking up his reward and rifle, they hurried to the nearest castle trying to revive the man in the Prime inductor.

Once the clean prime has touched the reward, the room flooded with radiance.

It burned almost two days, illuminating the castle during the day and at night. The enemy has crept to the borders...

The next morning, S.Putnik and Bear Comrade were standing at the castles walls. Homeland will never stay without defenders!

«Exemplary Sniper»

Class talents mark enemy heroes for 4 sec, allowing the hero to attack them and use Aimed Shot regardless of range. Marked enemies cannot hide outside the visibility zone.

After S.Putnik had applied one of his skills against his enemy, he marks him with an aim that allows him to attack the enemy hero from each range during 4 seconds.


«Frontline Comrade»

The hero is accompanied by a bear whose attacks deal 18-114 physical damage. The bear has 520-3844 Health (based on the highest of its Strength and Intellect) and respawns next to the hero 30 sec after its death.

Using a talent defines the bear's behavior depending on the target: attack the indicated enemy, move to and defend a given point or follow the hero.


A faithful front line comrade follows S.Putnik in every fight, the bear with a nickname - Bear Comrade. Although the bear belongs to the class of beings that are summoned by the heroes, he has a significant difference to those - Bear Comrade is not tied to the hero and thanks to this he can move around the whole map.

On the order of his master, Bear Comrade can attack the specified target, keep an area secured (if an enemy comes along, he will attack him) or together with S.Putnik be like a normal summoned nursling.

After improving to "Weighty Argument" Bear Comrade can stun an opponent by few seconds and mark him with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

«Warm Welcome»

The Warm Welcome talent reduces Stamina (based on Strength) or Will (based on Intellect) of all enemies hit by 87-734 for 4 sec, depending on the hero's highest parameter.

The sniper rifle of S.Putnik can not only shoot with usual bullets. In a close range, he can shoot with an everything breaking load, which deals significant damage.

After improving to «Ground's Teeth», these ability not only deals damage, but also decreases the defense of the target.

«Guarding the Borders»

 Places an invisible mantrap on the selected point which lasts 120 sec and deals 96-845 damage to the first enemy hero that steps on it, reducing their Speed by 50% for 4 sec.

With this talent, S.Putnik can disperse a network of invisible steel traps which will damage enemies after triggering, slow them mark with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim.

Besides the obvious use of steel traps by the defense, they can also be used by attacking the enemies, while limiting their maneuvers and push them closer to their base.

«Aimed Shot»

 Casts for 1.5 sec and deals 146-1284 damage to the selected enemy hero.

The ultimate of the Hero allows him after making a short pause to aim to deal an substantial damage to the enemy. The ultimate ability can be used on any distance, if the target was marked with the "Exemplary Sniper" aim before.

After the ability is improved to "Devastation", the ability won't have a cooldown, once you have killed an enemy.


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