• Duelist
        /heroes/imperium/item/330-duelist.html His ruffled collar, sarcastic grin, passionately hostile blue eyes, and polished pistol set him apart from the crowd. You can’t mistake him. And the Duelist won’t let you mistake him for anyone else, either. At first glance, he seems to be just a cold-blooded gentleman, but inside burns an unending thirst for worthy opponents. His hot temper played a cruel... Read more
      • Cryo
        /heroes/imperium/item/247-cryo.html Cryo loved to watch the snow. She was fascinated by blizzards and delighted by ice crystals. Cryo has always been considered beautiful, but her haughty coldness extinguished the hottest passions of any suitors. Very few even dared to invite her to dinner. Those who dared have many strange stories to tell: in her presence, fires quickly go out and wine... Read more
      • Faceless
        /heroes/imperium/item/370-faceless.html Once considered the greatest surgeon in the Imperium, he successfully treated thousands of mortally wounded and terminally ill patients. But when his operations were finished, the physician would not rest. He had a dream: to find a way to make human skin invulnerable so that no one would ever again have to suffer from trauma or injury.
      • Warlord
        /heroes/imperium/item/372-warlord.html It’s said that there is a Field Marshal’s baton in every soldier’s knapsack. Well, the Warlord is a perfect example of this. He started off as an ordinary soldier, but soon began forging his own path, showing himself to be the very incarnation of courage and perseverance. He was always the last man left on the battlefield—retreat was never an... Read more
      • Lightning Master
        /heroes/imperium/item/390-lightning_master.html Taming lightning is one of science’s greatest challenges! This persistent researcher refused to succumb to the ridicule and warnings of his colleagues. When lightning melted the earth right beside him, the Lightning Master merely laughed. His lab burned to the ground twice, but he did not give up. Each time, he immediately began rebuilding it. Even the call of the... Read more
      • Shadow
        /heroes/imperium/item/394-shadow.html In a troubled border settlement, who has any need for a lonely orphan? They all drove her from their doorsteps. Only a retired mentor was kind enough to promise to help the poor thing. But even such an experienced teacher as he was failed to uncover her heroic instincts and unusual abilities.
      • Jaeger
        /heroes/imperium/item/403-jaeger.html He always felt suffocated inside those cramped stone walls. The youngest son of one of the lords, he spent more time in green forests than in his father’s castle. Amazingly, he found that the wild beasts obeyed his words. Even the proud wolves followed the boy’s orders without question. He begged his father to make him a game warden, and... Read more
      • Inventor
        /heroes/imperium/item/410-inventor.html As a child, he built high-tech devices and complicated mechanisms, but no one in the remote provinces had any use for such things. He was too young, and his ideas were too daring.
      • Highlander
        /heroes/imperium/item/424-highlander.html In the ancient chronicles, one can read the beautiful tale of the Seeing Swords, weapons only the most powerful and courageous warriors could wield. Their blades were indestructible and enchanted with unique personalities selected by their owners. The weapons’ strength matched the skill of their bearers. These great heroes of the past were reportedly invincible.
      • Brawler
        /heroes/imperium/item/426-brawler.html What makes a soldier invincible? Combat skills can be improved by rigorous training, but there are some things training cannot teach you, like love for your Homeland. The Brawler’s father taught him one thing above all: there is nothing more important than the great Dohkt Imperium! And so, since the beginning of his military career, this young man has been... Read more
      • Fire Fox
        /heroes/imperium/item/428-fire_fox.html They live as one, a living fire and a sharp-eyed woman merged together into the Fire Fox. As a child, her parents would comfort her by placing her cradle near her father’s melting furnace. The girl would soon fall asleep, and with her, the flame would sink into slumber as the bellows ceased and the fire died down, diminishing into... Read more
      • Healer
        /heroes/imperium/item/430-healer.html For forty hours a week, she gave shots and applied compresses. She was strict, but her deeds helped her patients, and no one could argue with that. She nursed the most helpless and hopeless, poor souls on whom even the most experienced doctors had given up. Sometimes, though, this mediocre life bored her. She would often pace around her room,... Read more
      • Night Queen
        /heroes/imperium/item/432-night_queen.html The borders of the Prime Zone, near the ancestral domain of the Odd, have always attracted scouts and trackers. The Shadow Queen was considered the best of them, despite her violent temper and trouble obeying orders. She performed brilliantly, even on the most dangerous missions.
      • Quarrier
        /heroes/imperium/item/434-quarrier.html He is, of course, a slowpoke, which is not surprising for a man of such size. When your every step shakes the earth, and a brush of your shoulder scatters men like bowling pins, it’s best to consider each movement you make slowly and carefully.
      • Eraser
        /heroes/imperium/item/436-eraser.html An order must be completed, no matter who ordered it and why they did so. The creed of the Eraser? “Ask no questions, work quickly and cleanly, and leave no witnesses.” The Organization makes the decisions, and no one dares to question them.
      • Maiden
        /heroes/imperium/item/469-maiden.html The comfort of her castle’s strong walls were the source of her happiness. As the heiress of an ancient noble family, she believed that her father’s forces would protect her homeland from its enemies. And if the enemies were too strong, then the unicorns, the family’s loyal allies from ancient times, would come to protect them.
      • Marksman
        /heroes/imperium/item/477-marksman.html The Keepers did not know his real name, and very few have ever seen the Marksman up close. Any encounter with the Marksman was very brief: a dashing horseman suddenly appeared, skewered his target with an arrow, and vanished.
      • Soul Reaper
        /heroes/imperium/item/486-soul_reaper.html The Prime conceals many secrets. Its properties are amazing, but its effects are unpredictable and often deadly. The Keepers believe that the substance is somehow magical, but the Dokhts, accustomed to only believing hard facts, are constantly trying to get at the truth behind the nature of the Prime.
      • Pied Piper
        /heroes/imperium/item/490-pied_piper.html Unrestrained and sarcastic, he was skeptical of Imperium research, openly criticizing it and calling it “pseudo-science,” a term that quickly landed him in jail. Eternal darkness reigned in the prison, and he quickly lost count of the passing days. But for him, the true torture was the silence. He had always had difficulty remaining silent himself, and could not stand... Read more
      • Archer
        /heroes/imperium/item/499-archer.html Without neglecting the worthiness of other heroes, it would be good to take some time to tell you about the heroine popularly known as the Archer. Rumor has it that she was awarded this nickname as a child when she showed astounding skill with a large bow.
      • Fang
        /heroes/imperium/item/506-fang.html It’s good when you have a place to come back to. When you feel like you are the center of a miniature universe known as “family.”
      • Frog Whisperer
        /heroes/imperium/item/524-frog_whisperer.html It was fall, maybe even winter, but work at the milling machine was torturing the young fellow. He cursed it all, insulted the foreman, and left to travel wherever he wished. He ended up in a laboratory researching the Odd. In the laboratory the kind eyes of a well-fed, HUGE POISONOUS FROG looked out at him from its luxurious, heated... Read more
      • Woodsman
        /heroes/imperium/item/526-woodsman.html There was once a young zoologist, famous for his detailed descriptions of the rare and dangerous creatures he found in the Prime Zone, a turquoise scar left on the face of Praia by the Cataclysm. The scientist was unafraid of monsters and of the Prime anomaly, which was changing nature itself. Many creatures he had personally discovered; others he repeatedly... Read more
      • Arcane Wyrm
        /heroes/imperium/item/543-arcane_wyrm.html Arcane Wyrms are not very sociable, but not many people are willing to converse with flying snakes anyway, so no one knows their many secrets. Where did they come from? Where did they grow up? How did they become heroes?
      • Bard
        /heroes/imperium/item/578-bard.html The pragmatic Dokhts do not enjoy music; they enjoy the chime of hammers on anvils and the deep hums of the bellows. Even a talented performer has no chance of fame in the Imperium. For whom would he perform?
      • Blade Master
        /heroes/imperium/item/687-blade_master.html Bizarre creatures with human torsos and serpents’ tails first appeared in the Prime Zone after some sort of disaster; the Dokht scientists believe it was the Cataclysm that gave birth to these four-armed beings, but some of the old-timers recall how even as children they had been frightened by legends of the terrible nagas.
      • Mage
        /heroes/imperium/item/690-mage.html The path of understanding forbidden knowledge can be very long. And only for those who have something worth bleeding and dying for can it be a stepping stone to resplendent heights of wisdom and power.
      • Fay
        /heroes/imperium/item/691-fay.html The harmonious flight of the fairies delighted the girl. These small mindless creatures were the result of the Prime’s influence on butterflies and dragonflies and loved the feeling of flying through the air. The girl dreamed of flying with them, guiding them, leader of the nimble fliers.
      • Wanderer
        /heroes/imperium/item/695-wandererb.html Wanderers. Pilgrims. Pathfinders. These gruff rangers can often be found haunting taverns in the small settlements that dot the periphery of the Prime Zone. Solitary and taciturn, they know the many paths that wend their way through that dangerous territory, but seldom are they willing to share their knowledge with others. Thanks to the innumerable treasures it holds, the Prime Zone... Read more
      • Doctrine
        /heroes/imperium/item/694-doctrine.html Doctrine has been fascinated by alchemy since childhood. Even as a small child, she would recruit her favorite dolls as “lab assistants” and conduct her first experiments in their company, striving to convert any accessible garbage into the Philosopher’s Stone.
      • Vampire
        /heroes/imperium/item/685-vampir.html For ages his clan had ruled their own lands, but the world they knew was swept away by the Cataclysm. The borders of all the domains laying within the new Imperium were redrawn to encompass Prime deposits, and what was once an independent province became the backwater of a large domain.
      • Witch
        /heroes/imperium/item/1067-witch.html Miracles do happen. Sometimes you might think these miracles are nothing special, but that doesn’t make them any less miraculous. An Imperium lord can fall in love with a simple peasant girl. And even marry her.
      • Da’Ka
        /heroes/imperium/item/1104-daka.html High Priest asked those heroes who believed that the Imperium, with its respect to prime as a valuable substance giving both life and death, insulted the deity less, to step forward. "You are to travel north and learn secrets of working with their iron artifacts that bring fire death to enemies. And your name from now on is Da'Ka.
      • Vryl
        /heroes/imperium/item/1162-vryl.html “One, two –he’s coming for you! Three, four – he’s at the door!” Is part of the little song that’s started to spread across borders close to the Prime Zone. Monsters have always been part of horror stories only invented to scare the younglings, but there was truth behind this song. While most folk took it as a mere song... Read more
      • Prince of Thieves
        /heroes/keepers/item/248-prince-of-thieves.html Sentimental fools believe that the Prince, as a child, was forced to steal to survive. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Prince grew up in an affluent community and never lived in poverty. His passion for others’ carefully guarded treasures did not come all at once. He just liked to acquire things that no one else possessed.... Read more
      • Blizzard
        /heroes/keepers/item/249-blizzard.html Masters of arts and crafts from all over the land of Adornia were gathered for the great exhibition. Sighs of admiration were heard everywhere. But at one booth, the visitors left shrugging their shoulders. “Birds are beautiful in the heavens, and flowers, in the garden,” they said. Blizzard, a young sculptor, listened to them humbly, her eyes downcast. “But the... Read more
      • Phantom
        /heroes/keepers/item/371-phantom.html In the ancient castle of the Keepers hung a long series of portraits. All had some mystery to them, but one was particularly striking: a white mask, gazing with empty eyes. Tradition says that sometimes, the image steps out of the canvas and wanders the region, and no one who encounters him lives to tell the tale...
      • Shogun
        /heroes/keepers/item/373-shogun.html The Keepers once revered him as a skilled blade manufacturer, but he cared nothing for honor and preferred to make training and tournament weapons rather than deadly maces and battle axes. However, his skill was so great that any true warrior can wield one of his wooden swords with the same effect as a blade of steel. It was he... Read more
      • Storm Thrower
        /heroes/keepers/item/391-storm_thrower.html One night, as the rain poured down in torrents, this hero was born as a flash struck the earth. The baby’s first cry came as the thunder pealed and lightning split the sky, its reflection the first sight the wide little eyes had of the world.
      • Whisp
        /heroes/keepers/item/395-whisp.html Since she was a child, the girl loved to play hide and seek, and few could ever find her. She liked to surprise her friends, and more than anything, the little girl dreamer of delving into the mysterious world of magic.
      • Wolf Dancer
        /heroes/keepers/item/402-wolf_dancer.html A forest fire was raging. People were fleeing for their lives, and in the chaos a little boy was lost in the dark thicket. A pack of wolves found the crying baby, and the females of the pack began to nurse him along with their own pups.
      • Artiste
        /heroes/keepers/item/411-artiste.html With each passing year, she perfected her skills. People said that her paintings could heal people who touched them. But for every talent, there is someone who is jealous of it. Overcome with rage, the girl’s enemies invited her to the Autumn Colors festival, in which the painters use pure Prime.
      • Immortal
        /heroes/keepers/item/425-immortal.html No one who lives today knew him in his youth. Anyone you ask will answer, with a shrug, that the Immortal one has always been just like he is now. He does not change and does not age, and always carries his faithful sword, All-Seeing Steel.
      • Meijin
        /heroes/keepers/item/427-martial_artist.html Survival among the street gangs in the slums isn’t easy for a little orphan. What can stop some street scum from getting to you when there’s no one to protect you? Only courage and self-defense. During his childhood, he was often beat up by neighborhood bullies. He would take it quietly, fiercely clutching a bunch of old wooden beads which... Read more
      • Flame Tail
        /heroes/keepers/item/429-flame_tail.html From her childhood, Flame Tail has been shrouded in legend. They say that, three days after her birth, a devastating fire engulfed her home. The heat and suffocating smoke prevented anyone from getting to the baby to help her. Suddenly, a nimble werefox with a honey blaze jumped from the flames, holding a cradle in her teeth, with the girl... Read more
      • Priestess
        /heroes/keepers/item/431-priestess.html From her childhood, the noble lord spoiled his daughter. To his delight, she grew up into a rare beauty, and one who knew the benefits of her appearance. She so conducted herself that all around her jumped to fulfill her every whim.
      • Black Panther
        /heroes/keepers/item/433-black_panther.html Since her childhood, this unsociable savage was perfectly at home in the deep thickets of the forest. She could comfortably live in the wilderness for months at a time. The limber, raven-haired beauty stopped going by her birth name, and people started calling her the Black Panther.
      • Rumbler
        /heroes/keepers/item/435-rumbler.html The Rumbler never boasted of his strength. He quietly worked at the irrigation dam, turning the huge wheels to operate the gates. The water was mixed with Prime, which multiplied his strength, but the hero-to-be did not consider his power to be anything special.
      • Assassin
        /heroes/keepers/item/437-assassin.html The impregnable abode in the Dawn's Mountains has long been the hatching place of many infamous plans. It is rumored to be owned by a powerful clan of assassins, a group accepting only the most impossible missions. The leader will always complete a job, even at the expense of his men.
      • Nymph
        /heroes/keepers/item/471-nymph.html All day long, she roamed the Valley of a Thousand Petals, fearing that someone would try to destroy the magical beauty of the forests. The magic of life enchanted her with its uniqueness. Every fairy-tale creature seemed to be a special creation of nature.
      • Hunter
        /heroes/keepers/item/478-hunter.html Many years ago, among the wild forests and fertile pastures which are now the domain of the Keepers of Adornia, tribes of centaurs ruled the land. The marksmen and hunters were friends not only with humans but also with the suspicious unicorns.
      • Soul Catcher
        /heroes/keepers/item/487-ghost_lord.html No ordinary mortal, not even the greatest magician, can know what lies beyond this earthly life. Only heroes know what it is to die and be reborn. But whenever something falls outside of the power of man, there are always some who feel the urge to try and control it.
      • Rat Master
        /heroes/keepers/item/491-rat_master.html He could sit for hours, contemplating the dances of the butterflies or the falling leaves, admiring their beauty and harmony. The avid musician could weave a lovely, magical sound in rhythm with his steps. As he moved, the bells on his hat rang with an intricate melody. The Call of the Prime troubled him; his calling was music.
      • Amazon
        /heroes/keepers/item/500-amazon.html Sometimes, Cupid’s arrow brings not love but death.
      • Claw
        /heroes/keepers/item/507-claw.html No one could challenge the rule of the mighty predator. The forest, full of wild game, clean rivers, and cool caves, was the young tiger’s domain.
      • Swamp King
        /heroes/keepers/item/525-swamp_king.html "So, what's the Swamp King like? I'll tell you about us... My twin brother and I lived together and studied magic. Successfully, too: we could make the whole of Adornia thunder! What? You haven't heard of us? You must be a tadpole from a different puddle. We come from the depths of the Angry Ocean itself!"
      • Witch Doctor
        /heroes/keepers/item/527-witch_doctor.html A hero of the first war with the Dokhts, he was among the last to fight for the Foggy Woods. The defeated warrior watched with his own eyes as his hated enemies violated nature with their monstrous machines, disfiguring its beauty and destroying its life.
      • Dragonfly
        /heroes/keepers/item/544-dragonfly.html The great guru of Prime-an-gao preached leisure and tranquility of life, filled not only with simple pleasures but with admiration of the sublime and the contemplation of perfection and the spiritual unity of all things.
      • Muse
        /heroes/keepers/item/579-muse.html Muse heroes are typically committed to a life of creativity from their birth, but this girl's story was quite different. When she was still young she ended up in the care of an influential lady, and everyone predicted that she would surpass her great patroness.
      • Sesha
        /heroes/keepers/item/688-sesha.html They say there are no better masters of fencing in Praia than the four-armed magicians of the sword, the nagas. But it's not only their physical features and talents that earn them victory: tenacity is their greatest virtue. It can cause even the most powerful opponent to capitulate.
      • Sorcerer
        /heroes/keepers/item/689-sorcerer.html One of the Keepers' young sorcerers was not like his fellow citizens. He tried to turn the primitive art of emotional magic into a system of pure knowledge.
      • Fairy Queen
        /heroes/keepers/item/692-fairy_queen.html Driven by the king’s ransom offered them, Dokht smugglers kidnapped the Adornian lady’s young pupil and hid with her in the Primezone. The best trackers returned empty-handed. The villains had vanished in the mists of the dangerous lands along the border.
      • Wanderer
        /heroes/keepers/item/696-wanderera.html Wanderers. Pilgrims. Pathfinders. These gruff rangers can often be found haunting taverns in the small settlements that dot the periphery of the Prime Zone. Solitary and taciturn, they know the many paths that wend their way through that dangerous territory, but seldom are they willing to share their knowledge with others. Thanks to the innumerable treasures it holds, the Prime Zone... Read more
      • Dahaka
        /heroes/keepers/item/686-dahaka.html The boy showed a great aptitude for fencing from a very early age, which is how he became apprenticed to one of the best fencing masters in Adornia. He continued to display more and more outstanding results, invariably winning every tournament he fought in. The Master had already begun to groom the young man as his successor, when the destinies... Read more
      • Ha’Ka
        /heroes/keepers/item/1105-haka.html High Priest asked those heroes to step forward who believed the Keepers were closer to the True Faith—arrogant enough to believe prime was their own power, the latter at least let prime to flow through them. "You go south and learn the Adornian magic. And your name is Ha'Ka, Burning with Death."
      • Moira
        /heroes/keepers/item/1063-moira.html It's hard to live the life of an outcast. Her father was a Dokht soldier who raped the first Adornian woman he could find during the border skirmishes. Her mother died giving birth to her. The girl was raised by her grandfather.
      • Demonologist
        /heroes/keepers/item/693-demonolog.html Demons are ancient beings that have been living in Praia since long before the Cataclysm. Naturally, the mages of old could not help attempting to make these creatures subservient to themselves in order to harness their outstanding capacity to bring kindness and compassion to enemy territory.
      • Nox
        /heroes/keepers/item/1161-nox.html “One, two –he’s coming for you! Three, four – he’s at the door!” Is part of the little song that’s started to spread across borders close to the Prime Zone. Monsters have always been part of horror stories only invented to scare the younglings, but there was truth behind this song. While most folk took it as a mere song... Read more
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