Golden Age

With the advent of Golden Age, your domain will change in an instant: not only will the appearance of your castle change, but its mechanics as well: production yields will increase and heroes will bring more exclusive rewards from battles, as well as earn more experience!

Castle transformation

Appearance of your castle will change: gilt, crystal placers, banners fluttering in the wind will adorn your domain.

More talents

You will receive more orange and purple talents – their drop-rates increase two-fold with Golden Age!

Forget about green talents as battle rewards and in the Talent Garden / Forge – now only rare, unique and exclusive talents!

More crystals

Chance to receive crystals as battle reward doubles. Amount of crystals received is doubled as well! Forging and upgrading talents has never been this easy!

More resources and silver

Twice the amount of silver. Twice the amount of resources. For battle and in the castle!

Construct and upgrade buildings, recover the Vitality of your heroes, start new production and unbind talents without checking your balance every time!

More experience

Heroes earn twice the experience in battle – and become more powerful, for each level gives them mastery points, while also sooner closing in on the levels that allow upgrading talents and using orange talents in your build.

Lord experience is doubles as well, which allows to hire new heroes sooner and expands the list of available buildings!

Team bonus

In case of victory, each player on your team will receive 2 additional talents. This bonus stacks: if all 5 Lords in the team have Golden Age, each will receive 10 additional talents as reward!

For a lost battle only you will receive an additional talent.

And don’t forget that many offers and bonuses stack with Golden Age, allowing you to have even more fun in the game!


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