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Thread: Unfair problem or wrong mechanics/algorythm on 1700/1800 raiting

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    Unfair problem or wrong mechanics/algorythm on 1700/1800 raiting

    Hello prime world players and game developers!

    I would like to say about something very wrong happening to the players on 1700 and 1800 raitings. All time in the enemy team have 1900 or 2000+ raiting the game just don't allow us the possibility to change to the hero our team needs. In this example, i search game 1800 with my Raven and then our team needed a tank, i had Immortal/Highlander on 1800 also (and other tanks on 1700, 1 raiting bellow only), but the Prime World just not allowed me to change.

    Can you guys fix it? Please, it need to be soon, it's alot Unfair with the players, you developers sounds like making the game unfair ever more to us...

    Another situation is the algorythm fail from PW, all times i seen something like 5 mid laners vs a perfect team (1 tanker, 1 top, 1 laner and 2 gankers), in 1600 raiting. You guys maybe can make better algorythm to it.
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    Been there, tried that. I've told them that the matchmaking has been broken ever since they made it all based on power, all they respond with is metrics look normal. Team composition isn't even a factor in matchmaking. Also searching at 1700 in a group (even just 2 players) is completely broken resulting in a team that is only allowed to pick 1700s going against 1800s or 1900s.
    It isn't even worth asking for a fix since all the actual programmers left the Prime World team ages ago. They probably only have some people that know some scripting (that they are paying peanuts) left on the Prime World team that are only doing things that earn them money.

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