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Thread: Talents, Challenge and Legendary crystal doubts

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    Talents, Challenge and Legendary crystal doubts

    Hi, im newbie in the game

    I upgrade talents to level 5 and i think that the talent stats in level 1 to 5 are the same but the points of the hero are upgraded. I dont understand what is the use of upgrade talents...and the total points of the hero. The level and the colour of the name is a better stats hero but the level 5 talents and the points i dont know

    I cant go to the challenge mode because low requeriments system. I cant play this mode. Only Borderlands.

    What are the use for the legendary crystals?
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    Hello klingarian!

    Non-class talents improve their statistics slightly when you upgrade them (the top row of talents improves the most and the bottom talents improve the least). "Class talents" are abilities unique to only one hero and upgrading them does not improve their performance statistics. As you guess, there is another reason to upgrade talents besides their listed statistics, which is "power". When a hero gains "power" ALL of their base statistics listed on the left in the hero panel are raised (except for speed), and "class talents" give you more power than non-class talents. Traits with a checkmark next to it will gain more points than traits without a checkmark (but many players still choose builds that use opposing traits even without the checkmarks as you can see in the Hall of Fame). Therefore a red hero (with power over 2400) will probably have more health, agility, cunning, strength, intelligence, stamina, and will than a player with a blue version of the same champion.

    The challenge modes were once more popular in the first years of the game when it was much harder to get blue crystals (and later Daily Quests often asked players to use the challenge maps and alternate modes, but now all daily quests are in The Borderlands map). As the game has been updated, glitches and memory leaks sometimes persist in the less supported maps due to unpopularity (sometimes on low settings it helps to zoom close on a piece of ground without looking at the mist in the corners, and of course, try not to have a lot of internet tabs open, especially not videos or video ads or flash applications). I agree with you that even on "low" settings players often complain of problems on certain challenge maps and alternate mode maps (but "Switcheroo" and "Native Terrain" and the zombie mode map are based on The Borderlands and thus will work better, though there are less prizes for winning there than in Borderlands and the matchmaking will be weird due to few players trying to play those modes). Expertise-wise, the story missions on the challenger map taught players how to take Harpies with the pied piper champion (play a song to it and the harpy will follow you and heal you) and challenge mode taught players how to hit oncoming rats when fighting the pied piper champion (stay alert and click on it quickly while it is in range or use 'area of effect' class talents to kill many rats running by), also more basic lessons like "protect towers from taking damage" and "raising flags is helpful and can often make some of your abilities stronger".

    As you may have figured out by now, if you place three orange talents in your forge then you can upgrade them into one red talent (of any set you like) with 10 red crystals (but there are several special events during the year where you only need to pay 7 crystals instead of ten so it is a good idea to save your crystals until you see the correct 'action in the forge' announcement in the news feed).

    Sorry that no one replied to you sooner, but I think most advanced players assume that these facts are easy to learn as you play the game. Also the forum has a "guide" section for new players (many of the hero builds have become outdated as new red sets have been introduced, but the basic gameplay tips about core, fundamental strategy and tactics or resource management remain the same).

    Welcome to Primeworld!
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